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Xk3y USB Loader
Xecuter DemoN

Xbox 360 | Mods | Upgrades

Xbox 360 Repair Service ....... click here

X360 Key USB Loader
$99 plus installation

X360key inc USB Hard drive installed $149


Xecuter DemoN
Dual NAND For Xbox ..here

Latest Mods Upgrades for the Xbox 360 Console


RGH or JTAG Now available For Xbox 360 Consoles

Matrix Glitcher or Cool Runner

Best Mod For The 360 Game Console From $129.00 Installed
Great Development tool For running Linux Apps
100% Better Option Than X360key For Off-Line Game Playing

matrix Glitcher V2 Modchip Cool Runner Modchip
Reset Glitch Chip inc 500 Gig Hard drive Upgrade
Fully Installed Price $199 .... More

RGH Mod installed No Hard drive $129 .. more here

Information on Xbox Jtag Modding ......... here

JTag or Reset Glitch Both give the Same Results

All Xbox 360 Slim Models including the Corona Can Now Be Reset Glitch Modded.
Reset Glitch Is not suitable for Online Gaming More .......

Xbox Slim Console can now be reset Glitch Upgraded including the Black Slim Corona..

More on Mods for Xbox 360 here


Ixtreme Firmware Mod For The Xbox 360 DVD Drive

Xbox 360 While U wait Firmware LT 30 Modding Prices In Store Melbourne Only

All Xbox Phat Models $49.00 more .....
New 360 Black Slim Console $49.00
Check If your Slim Model can be Firmware modded here

Xbox 360 Slim IXtreme Mods & Upgrade $49

iXtreme LT30 Firmware Compatibility Check here


Xbox 360 Repair Service

Xbox 360 Repair Service New Motherboard 6 Months Warranty $149

Xbox Open Tray Disc Drive Error Repair Message

Xbox 360 Lite-on disc drive
Replacement DG-16D2S Drives $89 Inc 6 Months Warranty

Tray Jammed or open tray cannot read game disc

New Lite On DVD Drive replacement For Xbox Slim Model $69.00 plus installation open tray error or no game disc reading simply just wont read the disc

DG-16D4SSlim Model DG-16D4S


Xbox 360 Slim Red Dot Of Death Board Repair Service

Xbox 360 Slim Red dot Red dot
Xbox slim Model Red Dot of Death Motherboard repair BGA Re-Ball service Includes 6 Months Warranty

PS3 | Mods | Firmware Downgrade

Playstation 3 Repair Service here .....



PS3 Downgrade service to Software version 3.55 is Required to Run games from an external USB drive
NO MORE DISCS Full downgrade service $89.00


Latest PS3 Mod, Upgrades ODE Emulators
USB Game Playing

Cobra ODE Emulator cobra USB DonglePS3 Cobra ODE Game Loading from External USB

3k3y3k3y package
3k3y for the PS3 play games from USB hard drive no more discs$99.00 installation fee applies


Playstation 3 Repair Service

DVD Drive Not Reading discs
No Start-up Screen
Freezing during game play
Hard Drive Upgrades


Playstation 3 Blu ray Drive $89.00
NOW Available fully installed and fitted with
6 Month Warranty...more

Playstation 3 Slim Repair Service ............

Playstation 3 Not Reading Disc Lasers From $89.00 Back in stock

Playstation 3 YLOD $99.00 Repair Service

Playstation 3 Black Slim Not Reading Disc Blu ray drive repair from $109.00 fully written 6 Months warranty ...... more


All Wii Stuff is here

Wii repair

wii dvd drive
Replacement DVD drive for Unable to read disc repair

Wii wont Turn On- Wii Disc Read Error - Wii Not Working

Nintendo Wii Service Repairs For Unable to Read Game Disc

Nintendo Wii Mods Upgrades Chips

Nintendo Wii Modchip installed Starting From $59




Software Downgrade to 3.55 For Homebrew apps unlock your PS3 for full hard drive and system access install games to hard drive for disc-less operation


Daily Hot Selling Products and Services

PS3 Slim Software Downgrade $89

Xbox 360Slim Open Tray Error Message

Xbox USB Game Loader No More Game Discs

Nintendo Wii Unable to read Disc Error

Xbox 360 Mods Jtag Reset Glitch

E3 Flasher
RED HOT !!!!!!
Jammed drive X360key unable to read discs freestyle dash






Hote selling Products

PS3 ODE USB Game Loader


wii repairs

Wii Game Console Repairs


Cobra ODE For PS3


Xbox 360 Repair Service Melbourne

Open Tray Error From $69open tray error
Xbox Wont Play Game's Fix


Nintendo Wii DVD drive board
Xbox Slim Console iXtreme Firmware Flashing $49


Xbox 360 Game Loader

X3key USB Loader From $89


Play PS3 Games From Hard drive No More Discs

Cobra Modchip
Cobra UBS Game Loader $39

Playstation 3 Not Reading Game Disc From $79

ps3 laser
Blu ray Laser Replacement



Liteon Disc Drive
Faster Game Loading



wii DVD drive

Wii Disc Read Error $88


matrix trident
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more

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