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Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Mod Service Melbourne Australia

Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Mod
Reset Glitch Chip Install requires soldering to the main motherboard
500gig hard drive
Mass Storage devices can be added to a RGH console allowing games to install and run disc-less directly from the hard drive for fast no noise loading also prolonging the DVD drive of your console Not xbox live safe however Matrix Trident or Xecuter Demon install solves this issue
green line

To Reset Glitch Mod a Xbox 360 the Current Kernel version 15574 is supported, the console needs to be a Phat Version Phat Kernel Check here, or a Slim including the new Corona . If you Reset Glitch Mod your console it cannot be used for Xbox live unless a Matrix Trident or Xecuter Demon is installed allowing nand boot options.
Freestyle dash
Custom Freestyle Dashboard the main screen console temperature, hard drive capacity, IP address, Status bar, date and time This is one of the may screen blades available on a Reset Glitch Modded console

What is Reset Glitch Mod

The Reset Glitch Mod is simply taking control of your legally owned console, removing any limitations allowing you to obtain Vital specific console information allowing you to install custom homebrew apps, software, custom dashboards, a Xbox 360 it can be put into test mode to get access to Serial , DVD, CPU keys, Keyvaults, etc. Once a console is Reset Glitch Modded a Software programmer can run Linux code including Custom dashboards homebrew, apps, emulators include SNES, MAME arcade Games

What is Custom Dashboard

When you trun your Xbox on the screen thats viewed is the Dashboard. When a Console is Reset Glitch Modded the dashboard is modified to allow you to do extra things like backup a disc to hard drive, browse files on your hard drive , connection to computer to access all files on the hard drive, it basically un-locks the xbox to allow you full control

Xbox 360 arcade
Xbox Arcade Game List Screen in Freestyle Dashboard
freestyle dash homebrew
Homebrew applications selection screen

Xbox Open Tray Error
Open Tray Disc Error


Reset Glitch Hack
Reset Glitch


matrix trident mod
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


X3key External Loader


Xbox360 Matrix Reset
Freestyle Dash
$149 inc Install Service


Xbox 360 RROD

Xbox Game Console Repair Service Melbourne


Liteon Disc Drive
Faster Game Loading
Liteon DVD Firmware Mod

liteon modding


360 Slim Model
Hard Drive Caddy
Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive





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