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Sony FAT Playstation 3 Power Supply Repair Service

When a PS3 console will not start & has no red power light on the front panel there is a good chance
The internal switched mode power supply unit has failed more commonly know as the PSU commonly used in the old style 40 60 and 80Gig model PS3 consoles in Australia commonly known as the FAT model Playstation 3

These old style power supply units unlike the PSU used in the newer slim consoles, are very reliable & rarely fail most original PS3 consoles over 4 years old have power supplies still functioning flawlessly today these were build well thick PCB & quality components with high temperature ratings a true work horse with years of proven reliability

We usually have the old style replacement power supply unit on hand ready to be fitted by our service engineers.
The installation process requires dismantling the PS3 console and usually takes 1 hour to complete

All replacement units come with a 6 month warranty, Once replaced though will never fail again
Even with the PS3 in standby with the red power light displayed, the power supply unit is operational
Therefore its always good practice to turn the power off at the back switch of the console
This totally disconnects all mains power to the PSU preventing any mains power surges from destroying the PSU not to mention reduce green house gas emissions

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PS3 Power Supply ModulePS3 Phat Model power Supply

Sony Playstation 3 model CECHC02 60Gb Internal Switched Mode Power Supply Modules


Our Playstation 3 FAT Power supply Repair Service is Same Day These PSU are always in stock however, different console models use different power supply modules Check your PS3 console Model here, Replacing these PSU requires dismantling the console and will void the manufacturer warranty The job is usually done in 40 minutes same day the PS3 arrives at our store. We are located in Melbourne Australia postal Delivery service is available for interstate customers

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