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ps3 hard drive

Playstation 3 Toshiba Hard Drive Replacement From $99.00 Depending on the size Usually a upgrade to 500Gb are common at a cost of $149, that includes all data transfer from the old hard drive if the data can be recovered, quite often all or most of the game data can be extracted from the old storage device if you dont know what size you have you can check here by getting the console model number and cross reference from the list


How do I know my Playstation 3 Hard Drive has failed

Usually Playstation 3 hard drive failure can be quite catastrophic resulting in your console crashing needing to be restarted sometimes not even starting up or stuck on the main welcome screen Re formatting can sometimes help
PS3 system not starting, loud noises from within the console games freezing during intensive graphic rendering, lagging or even picture or sound distortion during game play can be caused by a bad faulty hard disk drive

ps3 hard driveOriginal PS3 hard drive

What Is The PS3 Hard disk drive Used for

The hard drive is a important part of the Playstation 3 console for proper operation the playstation system needs the hard drive to function correctly Also Playstation 3 games install information to the hard drive sometimes a game taking over 4 gig of disk drive space
The PS3 system uses the hard drive for firmware updates Movies, Music, Downloaded content, game save data, The Playstation system files and also Memory cache is hard drive dependant.
As you can read its absolutely vital a good healthy proper working hard drive is in your PS3 console

What type of Replacement Hard Drive will you install in my Playstation 3

We use the best possible hard drives to match the original old drive in your PS3 console.
disk drive speed is not important
Usually we use Western Digital or Seagate Drives depending on what's available at the time of Installation
We see many Samsung or even Hitachi hard drive fail with mechanical problems usually in the new PS3 slim consoles
Common original Phat PS3 hard drives are usually Seagate the later slim PS3 consoles have Hitachi drives its very rare to find a Western Digital hard drive in a factory standard PS3 must be an agreement Sony made with hard drive manufacturers Whatever drive we install its usually Warranted for 12 Months from the date we do the install



Game Save data on the hard drive


My PS3 hard drive has failed what about my game save data

The Chances are not good for data retrieval if your hard drive has failed and is no longer responding
Usually once the Playstation 3 HDD stops working the internal game data movies music and also downloaded content will be lost unless you have back it up before the failure. If you do have a good back up your PS3 data its a simple process of restoring once the new drive is installed and operational

Can I Connect my Playstation 3 Hard drive to my PC to back up my Game save data

This is not possible the data is encrypted using a unique file format for the PS3 console, it's also signed to your specific console serial, removing your hard drive then Inserting into another Playstation 3 console will format the hard drive and complete wipe all the saved data including music pictures also all game saves this according to Sony is a Security measure that stops data being manipulated or devices like the Jailbreak hacking the system

Can you Install a Larger Hard Disk Drive

500gig hard drive
500 gig Western digital hard drive

We can upgrade your internal hard drive up to a 500Gb with some of the larger drives being released bigger that 500Gb There are some brands that do not conform to the 2.5 inch spec their height does not comply they will be too thick to fit within your Playstation 3 Anything over 9.5mm in height is a problem. We install the new hard drive upgrade to the Latest Playstation 3 firmware version then if possible we restore your original data on the new hard drive
The Most popular and asked for upgrade is the 500 Gig there were some concerns over the speed in particular the 7200 RPM model producing excessive heat also Increase the power consumption. This is not an issue in all the Playstation 3 models as long as the console not housed in an enclosed cabinet, Important to keep the console well ventilated and not obstructing the air vents.

Things I Should know about Game Trophies

You should be aware that any trophies you've earned will be lost unless you have synced to the PS3 server prior to the hard drive failure. You need to remember to log into your Playstation 3 account then use the Sync with Server option under your Trophy Collection (hit triangle) after the new hard drive is installed




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