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Playstation 3 Phat Model No Power $70
Repair Service In Melbourne Australia



When a PS 3 console will not start & has no red power light displaying on the front panel there is a good chance
The Playstation internal switched mode power supply unit has failed more commonly know as the PSU (Power Supply Unit) commonly used in the old style 40 60 and 80Gig model PS3 consoles in Australia commonly known as the FAT model Playstation 3 check what PS3 model you have here

We usually have the Phat Model style replacement power supply unit on hand ready to be fitted by our service engineers in Melbourne Victoria.
The installation process requires dismantling the console Check the supply main voltage going is 220-240 Volts (Australian Standard Mains Voltage) Then checking if there is a 5 volt standby voltage rail output to the main PS3 motherboard.
If the 5 volt supply is not present this indicates the PSU has failed. The old unit is removed, New PSU installed, Then while operating Voltage and temperature tested. The process usually takes 1 hour to complete. That Means the console can be fixed same day , saving the customer a return trip.

We have a Postal service for interstate customers now using express post delivery here for postal details

All replacement units come now with a 12 month Replacement warranty, Usually Once replaced though will never fail again
Even with the PS3 in standby with the red power light displayed on the front panel, the power supply unit is operational feeding a standby voltage to the motherboard,
Therefore its always good practice to turn the power off at the back switch of the console
This totally disconnects all AC mains Voltage to the PSU preventing any mains power surges from destroying the PSU not to mention reducing green house gas emissions


inside the PSUInside the power supply this PSU is truly well designed and proven extremely reliable

A close view inside the PSU the quality of these components is top class compared to the latest model consoles these power supplies can last up to 10 years, the latest Model slim console PSU's are known to fail just out of the twelve month warranty period like the new Xbox 360 slim console power bricks

Our Playstation 3 FAT Power supply Repair Service is Same Day These PSU are always in stock however, different console models use different power supply modules Check your PS3 console Model here, Replacing these PSU requires dismantling the console and will void the manufacturer warranty The job is usually done in 40 minutes same day the PS3 arrives at our store. We are located in Melbourne Australia postal Delivery service is available for interstate customers Usually with express post your console can be fixed and returned within 48 Hours, Unlike Sony's repair service that can take weeks



Sony Playstation 3 Phat Model Console

ps3 phat model console

Model CECHC02 Your console need to look like this one
If You have a Slim Model PS3, No Power repair is here


Model Number location of a Phat PS3 console

Model location of Phat PS3Different Model Phat consoles consume less power than others and use a different PSU type. You need the Model of Your Console. The Model Number Location at the rear You need this number for the repair don't contact us until you know what model PS3 your own.

ps3 phat model number loactionThe model number of this PS3 is CECHL02
A bar-code sticker is located at the rear of the console.


inside a ps3 phat consoleThe console lid removed exposing the internal parts of the console showing the power supply cage to the left

Sony Playstation 3 model CECHC02 60Gb Internal Switched Mode Power Supply Module

ps3 power supplythere are many versions of this PSU unit the correct one needs to be installed for reliable long term operation

This Power Supply replacement is Suitable for the Phat Model With the Model Number beginning with CECH then an Alpha letter like G,K,L,H, etc. example CECHG02 You can check your ps3 Model here.. under Phat model listing









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