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Matrix Trident Triple Nand Boot Mod Solution For Xbox 360 Slim

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matrix Trident Modchip
Matrix Trident with external nand bank switch
The Switch board is external to the xbox allowing fast and simple xbox startup options
The Main board is soldered internally to the motherboard of the console and a simple flat membrane cable connects the two

The Matrix TRIDENT is a Multi NAND add-on for your Slim console
What that means is once Installed you have the option to start the Xbox into the standard un-modded Xbox360 dashboard for Xbox live game play or with the flick of a switch boot custom dashboards live Freestyle dash or Xex menu to run emulators or Homebrew Custom Apps
Best part of all you are now in control of your Console

FEATURES Of Matrix Trident Nand Mod
Allows for the use of 3 Independent banks of NAND on the Xbox 360
Bank 1 - for Original MS Dashboard Xbox LIve
Bank 2 - For Freesytle dash
Bank 3- for Xell to get critical fuse list, CPU or DVD drive keys
No need to cut any tracks on the Xbox360 motherboard.
With an external switch each bank of the nand can be switched easily.
Works with all glitching solution present in the market, including Matrix Glitcher II.
Compatible with any xbox360 with 16 MB NAND.
Easy to install thanks to quick solder point design.
Blocks can be read / write with any SPI hardware present in the market.
Compatible with Nandpro 2.0 and 3.0 software Nand Dump Software

Trident Installation Diagram for SLIM Model Xbox 360 is already available in the DOWNLOAD section of the website. Other models diagram will be uploaded in few hours. A complete installation Tutorial and usage for the MATRIX TRIDENT will be online by tomorrow.

AusGameStore can do all the Install Same Day with Friendly help tips on getting the most out of your system

Finally an announcement for console owners That have an Xbox360s with Kernel Version 14719 The Reset Glitch Mod is Now available for this Kernel that could not be modded previously

The Matrix Trident Nand Mod requires Soldering connections to the internal Parts Of The Xbox360 Console and Will Void any Manufacturer Warranty

Some information has been Quoted from infinitymod.com Matrix Trident Mod chip Manufacturers






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