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Xbox 360 Repair Gone Bad Excessive Heat has Melted AV and Fan Connectors
Note - Picture Below Is Not a AusGameStore Repair

Xbox 360 melted
Xenon Xbox 360 Motherboard destroyed due to excessive heat

This Is an Xbox 360 We Received for 3 Red Rings Repair. This Board had an attempt to repair by a Melbourne Xbox Expert with No Pay No Fix. This Motherboard was totally destroyed most of the semiconductors around the AV port were shorted due to the un controlled heat repair.
The Xbox 360 Motherboard has been over-heated with a heat gun In an Attempt to repair the Red Ring Of death
Fault the Xbox consoles are prone to get Resulting in the plastic Fan connector Plug to melt
also the AV Socket port was damaged as well
Quite Often surface mounted Semiconductors detach due to their solder connections melting
Our Repair Service is a complete procedure using a controlled reflow machine, unlike the above, that’s why we offer Full 6 Months Written Warranty on all Red Ring Of death repairs. No one can claim a repair service like Ours.

Xbox 360 Re-flow Machine

Controlled reflow soldering station is a machine that solders components to the motherboard in a controlled temperature over an exact amount of time. Semiconductor components have what is called temperature tolerance that is they can withstand say 220 degrees Celsius for 15 seconds, different semiconductors have different values. Anything over that specification including heat or time will damage the semiconductor and render it useless. That’s why often if a console has had an attempted fix it usually has more damage than just a simple re-flow.


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