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Jtagging Xbox 360 Console allows the dumping of the NAND flash, the software that operates the console dashboard. Once the nand dump is checked a modded nand image can be flashed to the console to obtain CPU keys and various console information. With this information the console can be un-locked to allow the installation of Linux and Homebrew applications for region unlocking or app installation on a large capacity hard disk drive. Most Apps can be freely downloaded from sites like Free60.org or Xbox scene, then usually installed to your modded Xbox via USB pen drive or direct FTP from a home computer. Custom dashboards like Freestyle dash have most Homebrew Apps installed and are run from the dashboard. Some consoles need to be Reset Glitched Modded to allow Freestyle dash Install while other Model consoles cannot be modded at all Check here first
Reset Glitch Hack
Jtag including 500 GB hard drive installed $199.00 limited stock
Allowing you to start your console with a custom dashboard.
Access to the full console system is obtained. Running of Snes Nintendo or 1000's of MAME arcade games straight from the hard drive.
Region Unlock play all NTSC games from US or Japan.
Install any game direct to the hard drive.
All security protection is fully un-locked allowing you full access to the console hardware.
Xbox live is not possible but Running X-link for online gaming is simple

Xbox 360 Jtag Australia Service We can Jtag your Xbox

Reset Glitch Modchip
Matrix Reset Glitch Modchip Installed In a Xbox 360 Phat Console
The Reset Glitch Chip is installed inside the Xbox 360. There are solder connections to be made to various points on the motherboard. Booting time's will vary between each console, due to the fact un-signed code needs to be executed at a precise time during boot.
Console starts up with the CPU clock slowed down a small reset pulse is sent to the CPU this causes the CPU not to reset fully but changes the way code is executed a modified boot-loader that was flashed to the NAND runs code If the code execution fails the chip resets the console, the cycle starts again until a successful boot is obtained with the custom dashboard starting. This resetting can sometimes take up to 2 minutes to run. Usually our mods boot within 10-20 seconds


Reset Glitch Hack
Reset Glitch Jtag Mods


matrix trident mod
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


X3key External Loader


Xbox360 Matrix Reset
Freestyle Dash
$139 inc Install Service


Game Console Repair Service Melbourne
Xbox 360 RROD


Liteon Disc Drive

Faster Game Loading

Liteon DVD Firmware Mod
liteon modding


360 Slim Model
Hard Drive CaddyXbox 360 Slim Hard drive


Xbox 360 500Gig hard drive Upgrade $199

500gig hard drive

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