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M3 Real Zero New for all DS
New M3 Zero for all DS consoles
M3 Real Zero
M3 Real Zero Homebrew Adaptor Card
m3 real original
M3 Real Original DS card

M3 Real Card Rumble Pack Triple booting For Nintendo DS


M3 Real Nintendo DS Adapter is an amazing product for users who want to download Homebrew games, watch movies and listen to music from a PC to a Nintendo DS run Homebrew applications via a PC linked to the Micro SD card that fits into the M3 real adaptor sock. You can use your PC and normal SD/TF Card Reader to transfer your movie & music files to SD/TF card. Then, insert M3 Real Adapter with SD/TF Card into GBA(SP) / NDS, and it will be available after booting the DS console.

features are just the same as any other MP3 Player on the market but also playing the Homebrew open-source/license free games, movies instead of playing music only. e.g... Support playing over thousands of Homebrew games Apps.

One of the hottest feature of a M3 Real Adapter Card is that you can directly run Homebrew software on it – that includes emulators, PDA, browser, multi media players etc.....

Excellent Homebrew support, Create your own games or programs then run them from you DS game console.

Run installed Sakura Homebrew multi media application directly from the DS console


M3M3 Real DS card

One Of the best fastest loading Nintendo DS card giving you the full option of starting three different operating systems all in the one card why settle for one when you can have a multi-boot system
Complete ready to go just plug and play
Includes USB adaptor - Rumble Vibration adaptor - Plug and Play 2G Micro SD
Call for stock availability
just plug and play $99.00






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