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Nintendo Wii Console Black Screen Repair Service

Wii main board
Full Main Board Repairs Nand Reprogramming Service.
Software Mod gone wrong will render your console dead usually with a black screen no picture or no menu access, commonly known as a bricked console

bricked wii

What is a Bricked Wii

To start with, a modchip will not brick your Wii, that is a chip that has been soldered internally, don’t confuse this with a soft mod. Purely software modding a Wii to allow Homebrew is a soft mod. Many people confuse the two, there are huge differences. Hardware modding is Installing a modchip or soldering a physical chip inside the Wii. this usually blocks any non- console region updates. A soft mod does basically what a chip does but the internal Wii software is changed no chip soldered.
When a Wii does a system update, software is updated and changed, parts of the soft mod are sometimes were the system update needs access, Soft mod and a system ipdate can at time get mixed up so to speak, this often corrupts the system software, causing the Wii not to start up. Like in a computer Widows can become corrupt and the computer wont start.

Examples Of a Bricked Wii

Black Screen no display, no start up screen, power light stays red or yellow, Wii turns on but error message is displayed and cannot get to main menu. These are signs of a Wii that has been software modded in the past and has recently been system update either through a game disc or online.

How can I tell if I have a soft-mod

Usually the are Apps installed in the system menu like a USB loader, and Homebrew channel

Wii homebrew channel
The Homebrew Channel listed in the main Menu
Wii USB Loader
USB Loader Channel listed in the Wii menu

Our Console Repair service will restore your Nintendo Wii console from a bricked state fully operational in working order

Replacement main boards are always in stock we don't recommend any software mods
The simple reason a software update can brick your Wii Best mod is a Wiikey chip if your have a compatible DVD drive controller board. A Wiikey 2 modchip will never brick your game console even if you do a Wii system update
We have DVD controller boards in stock that are 100% compatible with the Wiikey modchip can be Installed in your console simple and fast allowing the modchip to function without any bricking problems

Nintendo Wii Motherboard With the NAND memory chip Circled This is were the soft mod and system software is stored
wii d2pro chip
A modded Wii with a D2pro Chip installed All hardware,
no software is modified with this type of Modchip Upgrade


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