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Nintendo Wii NAND Flash Memory Chip

The Nand Of the Nintendo Wii where all Homebrew is stored also more important, the console operating system data

wii nand

Nintendo Wii Memory chip that stores all important console information


Hi Density NAND Flash Hynix NAND HY27UF(08/16)4G2B Series have 512Mx8bit with spare 16Mx8 bit capacity
The memory is divided into blocks that can be erased independently so it is possible to preserve valid data
while old data is erased The device contains 4096 blocks, composed by 64 pages.

Some of the blocks contain critical Wii operation system data that the console needs to initially start up, run the Wii menu, operate the disc drive, list games in the menu also store game saves. Software mods or better known as Soft mods tamper alter and change this part of the Wii Memory that the console needs intact
When soft modding its important not to write to these blocks or interfere with the operating system software

wii main board

Accidentally writing data were the system data should be will result in bricking the console
When a console is Bricked, If the corrupt data is not critical console specific then the unit can be Un-Bricked, by simply restoring the correct information at that memory location. Some stored information is specifically unique to every console. If the information is console specific like serial key info then this cannot be recovered and your console will be truly bricked. The only way out of this is to replace the motherboard. Once the main board is replaced the console will restart however all game save data will be lost

Top of the Wii Motherboard with the Graphics chip (circled) heatsink removed


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