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Nintendo Wii DVD Disc Drive Read Error Repair Service

Here's the Answer to Fix your Game not loading Problem on your Game Console

Having trouble Reading A Game Disc or Game Freezing

Getting Disc Read Error Messages

Black Screen When Loading A Game Disk

Jammed Disc Wont Eject or Can't Be Inserted

Unable to Read Disc Error When Playing Games
An Error Has Occurred Need to Turn Off Console


Error MessageTypical Screen Message display when a game disc cannot be read or Played usual indication of a faulty DVD drive



View Of the Underside of the Wii drive

Bottom view of the Wii DriveBottom View Of the Wii D2C drive showing a Red Modchip Installed to allow playing of backup discs


Wii Drive bottom viewDrive controller board removed exposing the optical laser connector in Orange and the spindle motor connector in white


Wii drive  schematic View Of the Optical laser assembly Spindle motor Sled motor



Your Nintendo Wii needs a New DVD drive D2C or D2E


wii drive

Replacement disc drive Usually come with a 6 Months Warranty,
for our Melbourne Customers The Wii Drive Can be replaced same day Usually within 1 Hour from receiving the console,


Full Installed with 180 Day Warranty Written Guarantee $110.00

For Our Melbourne Customers

Replacement DVD drives Usually can be replaced same day while U wait Usually within one Hour
From Receiving the Game console

Interstate Customers

Interstate Customers we offer an overnight 24 Hour service once Payment has been processed

All drives are in stock for all Wii Console models Common failure is the Optical Laser assembly, Spindle motor or the Sled stepper motor.

Wii drive boardDVD drive board controls all motors and optical pre-amp of the FM modulated signals from the Laser more here .........

Sometimes even the DVD drive controller board can cause symptoms of a faulty Drive There are different Model Control boards Usually we have all types in stock for fast Repair Service


Wii Drive Models

There are several Model drives inside the Wii console the main difference is the DVD controller board. The Mechanics of the drive are mostly the same apart from the latest model that Also has an altered control board. Spindle motor, optical laser , drive gears are all common items that can be changed. The most popular are the RAF3350 laser assembly that reads the data from the disc, also the spindle motor is another part that has a limited life span due to the fact that it is continually spinning during game play. This motor has internal pressed bearing's that wear by the time the console is around three to four years old. These bearings cannot be changed the option is a replacement motor. All drives we install come with a Six month Written warranty from date of installation. Usually once the drive is changed we don’t see the console again.


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