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Nintendo Wii Disc Error Message Unable to Read disc Repair


Various Model Wii controller boards include GC2-DMS - GC2-D3 - GC2-D4 - GC2 D2A - GC2 D2B - GC2 D2E

-DVD controller board
Wii drive controller board

Wii Disc Drive not reading or symptoms of a bad laser can sometimes be a problem with the disc Drive controller board There are Various Models and most are interchangeable The board has soldered connections to the loading and sled motors the optical assembly is wired via a thin membrane connector that can very easily tear, before disconnection the laser diode anti-static solder pad needs to be bridged to avoid any static discharge to the diode, a little skill is required in replacing this part we usually see more damage being done when hobbyists try to Service, Repair or replace the laser assembly


membrane connectorLaser Membrane connector ic1002Motor control IC

IC1002 41224 on the control board gets hot during disc drive activity and can fail, this chip controls the Spindle, sled Motors also the Mechanism Loading motor so it does work hard The Chip has no thermal contact to any heat-sink thus cannot dissipate heat very efficiently Replacement Repair of this chip is an option


Laser Pre amp IC

Ic1001 can fail and cause similar symptoms of a bad laser Part of this chips (IC AN22023) role is to amplify and equalise the RF eye pattern from the optical Laser assembly. If your are having disc reading error problems this chip may be the cause
A simple repair Service to replace this baord can be done while U wait in Melbourne
Australia Wide Postal Service is an option with a 2-3 day turn around for most reService pair requests plck here




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