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Nintendo Wii Disc Drive Not Reading Games

 Disc Error Unable to Read Disc


A Replacement Disc Drive is Usually the Answer Drives are always In stock Replacement is Fast same day service for Melbourne Victoria Customers Usually within 1 Hour we can have your Nintendo Wii console fully operational in normal working order
All repairs are carried out by Qualified Service Technicians (MTETI) Australia and also come with a Written Warranty

wii dvd drive
Wii Disc Drive Replacement


The Optical Laser Assembly RAF3350

Faulty Optical Laser assembly Inside the DVD drive can usually cause problems like screen error messages and also unable to read game disc error message

error message


RAF3350 Replacement laser can be Installed from $88.00 with a 6 Months warranty and a full disc drive service including spindle alignment and calibration of the optics

wii laser
Wii DVD optical Laser Replacement


The Disc Spindle Motor Assembly

spindle motor
Wii spindle motor with white membrane connector

The spindle motor can cause the no disc reading error this item is changed then a full calibration is required to have the drive functioning with maximum efficiency and error free disc reads

The Sled Motor Assembly

Sled Motor drives the optical Laser assembly up and down while reading the disc. A faulty sled motor will cause freezing or not reading disc problems


drivedisc driveWii Laserwii vents


Wont Read any Game Discs
Disc Jammed or Wont Eject
Kids jammed objects in Disc Drive
Won't Accept a Game Disc
Screen Error Message when Loading a Game Disc
Console Freezing During Game Play

If the Wii console is not playing any game discs or the disc is not recognized

Check to make sure the Disc is inserted the right way up try changing the position of the console example from upright to lying flat or visa versa, also reset the console by turning the power off completely for 20-30 seconds then trying a different Game Disc

Game will freeze at the same point

This type of problem is usually an indication of a Game disc problem usually a scratch or even a finger print can cause this. try a different game Disc to see if it still happens, check all vents of the console to make sure its not over-heating

Freezing Randomly with a clicking noise from inside the console

A Clicking Sound with the Game Disc Not Reading or Freezing during play is a problem with the DVD drive, Usually The Optical RAF3350 or even a spindle motor can cause this fault, it will need A Repair service The Console is fully dismantled and the Internal drive removed and checked for any defects


All Common Wii Disc Read Errors are Fixed Same Day
Our Wii Repair Service is Based In Melbourne
Wii Repairs are Done Same Day within 1 Hour
We only Use New Genuine Replacement Parts
Thats Why we offer a 6 Month Warranty on all Wii Repairs

Call Us on

Mobile  0418 313 927


This repair service is solely for game disc reading errors
If Your Wii is Bricked ( Black Screen and No Display) you need to click here

breakdown of the Nintendo Wii DVD drive showing the most common components that fail Resulting in Wii disc reading error Messages to be displayed on the screen, or games freezing during the disc loading process


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