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Nintendo Wii Game Console Repair Service

About Mods And USB Game Loaders

wii key modchip
Wiikey mod chip for Wii console Playing of Original owned Backup game discs

Drive Key Chip
Drive Key Chip For the Late Model Wii Console Used in the Later model Wii drives that wont work on a Wiikey chip


main board
Motherboard Replacement
Bricked wont start Black Screen Fix

Nintendo Laser Replacement
Model Number RAF3350

Replacement DVD Drive
For Disc Read Error Problems

DVD control board
DVD DVD drive Control Board
D2A D2B or D2C

multi-mode manager

Wii UN-Brick Service

disc read error

Unable to read Game Disc Error

usb loader

Soft Mods Upgrades USB Game Loader These are all Software Mods No soldering


wiikey mod

Wiikey Mod Install is fitted directly to the console's drive controller board ------ NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Drive key Mod This chip is Installed between the DVD drive and main board NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Some Wii Key points to note about our Nintendo Wii repair service
Our Wii Console Services are done same day while U wait for our Melbourne Customers
Interstate Australia Wide is Usually 48 Hours from receiving your Wii Console.
Wii Disc Drive laser replacement including six month warranty is $88, your Wii data is never lost you get a written warranty on a tax invoice.
When sending or bringing in your Wii Console for a repair service
we only need the console unless instructed, just bring the main Wii unit,
no controllers , leads , sensor bar, balance board, or power supply module.
Simply disconnect all the plug connectors from the rear of the Wii Game Console
Also before removing all the plugs Take note of where the connections go, just Makes Life easier Later on when you re-install to the display screen.
common Wii Repair fault we see are disc reading error or unable to read the game disc.



repair man
Any Persons Loading Games direct to A hard drive must own and have in possession the original game disc
The sole purpose of USB Loader, mod chip is to preserve and avoid damage to the original game disc, also the ability to play games from another region of the world
USB Loader

USB Game Disc Loader Is Designed to Install your Legally owned Wii game's to an External 2.5 inch hard drive. This allows safe storage and no damage to your Original game discs. with young toddlers, scratching and marking Wii games is common with this Mod, you can install your game to a external USb drive, then put the disc away in a safe place. We see many un-playable game discs due to scratches often once a disc is scratched is un-playable, this usb loader Mod will avoid this problem, saving the expense of replacement game discs.

You need to have in your possession the original purchased game disc, If the Original game has been installed and backed up to the USB hard drive.

If for whatever reason you dispose of the original Game disc, the back-up must be removed from the USB hard drive
If you don't agree the these term we will not install the USB Loader on your console. sold out


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Wii Software Mod USB Game Loader

Games Wont Load disc wont eject

Wii Repairs in Melbourne

Nintendo Wii Unable to read Disc Error

Wii Laser Replacement

USB Loader wii dvd drive wii motherboard Unable to read disc wii laser





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Unable to Read Disc Repair Replacement Disc Drive
wii drive

blue line

wii laser

Optical Laser Repair Service

Software Mods.. more

Disc Drive Replacement Controller Boards
$49 Inc Install Service

Un-Bricking Service
bricked wii blue line

Wii usb loader
USB Game Disc Loader



DVD Drive Mechanism
wii DVD drive

blue line

Mod Chips D2Pronds case


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