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Wii Drivekey D2 Sun Sunkey

The SunKey Lite is one of the latest Solderless D2sun chips, For All wii drives, DMS to D3 support

wii drivekeyThe Wii Sunkey or the WiiKey drive key

drivekey The drivekey Modchip for most Wii models


Wii Sunkey Wii Sunkey connects in series with the DVD drive


Wii Disc Drive Type Model Number
DVD Backup Disc Loading
DMS Original Yes
D2A Wii drive Yes
D2B All Model B drives Yes
D2C Yes
D2C-2 Yes
D2E Yes
D3 Yes
D3-2 Possible drive board change-over Yes


Wii drive board
Wii drive board needs to be replaced on the later model wii consoles using the D3 chips


Wii Game Disc Compatibility

Will Play any game disc from your region, there are no limits to what can be played. There is build-in BCA Checking. This is protection inside the disc is to stop playing of backup original game discs. the Wiikey Modchip has BCA detection override build into the firmware and can override this or any future blocking attempts simply via a firmware upgrade done via a disc thats inserted into the wii. once this disc is run it can update the Wiikey chip to the latest software for the best protection available.

Multi region playback compatibility is not 100% there are some NTSC game's that will simply not play on a PAL console and visa versa, The Wiikey will play around 80% of other region games. Playing of original game discs from other regions is also possible buit again not 100%.

Don't Get ripped There are Cheap options

Software Vs Hardware

If you have back-up burnt Game discs then all you need is the Wiikey Modchip Simple cheap and is the best option for playing your original burnt game discs

There are complex devices that will allow playing of games from a USB Hard drive, the cheapest device is Soft-modding then the most expensive and complex is the wode device. All these need you to have an External USB hard drive , more expense so by the time you get the Wode with a USB drive the cost will be around 150-200 dollars, Vs chip $50

If your on a budget and want to play burnt game discs then go for the WiiKey chip, next is the USB loader, and finally if money is no barrier get the Wode. all the above products do and function the same.

Soft-modding is probably the Cheapest option - no hardware devices to breakdown or fail, simple no add-ons, controlled from the Wii menu, no extra leads and devices attached only a 2.5 inch USB hard drive, and best of all cheap, half the price of hardware Wode gadgets.

personally we think the USB Software loader is the cheapest and best option to allow playing and backing- up of your original discs its half the price of the Wode and does the same if not better.

Product Description

Sunkey lite Modchip for Wii
Plug and play, 100% Solderless
Use 2 bit switch to choose region, support JAP/USA/KOR/EUR all regions perfectly
Support all old and latest wii models board replacement
Support GC games
Support Homebrew Roms
Support all Wii games with same region
Support partial Wii games with different region
Come with 2 LEDs indication on board




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