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Nintendo Wii Game Console Repairs
Same Day Service in Melbourne Victoria


Wii No longer starts up the internal memory may be corrupt causing black screen no display
Sometimes caused by removing power to the console while doing a system update
Don’t stress AusGameStore can repair your game Console fast while U wait same day for Service Our Melbourne Based Customers


Game Disc wont spin

Wii dvd drive
When a game disc is inserted, wont spin up and you just cant hear the disc spinning is usually the spindle motor. This part when replaced needs to be aligned for a clean RF envelope on a oscilloscope and usually takes 2 Hours to do at $88.00 with a full 6 Months Warranty.


spindle motorwii laser alignment
Wii spindle motor assembly replacement needs to be aligned for proper long term reliability of game disc playing this process is done with all our Wii drive repairs thats why we offer a 6 Months Warranty on all drive repair jobs



Black Screen No display Motherboard Repair

wii motherboard
Nand Reprogramming Full Main Board Repair Service For a Bricked Wii console


Unable To read Game disc Error Message or Error During the loading of a game disc

wii laserReplacement Optical disc drive Laser Assembly For Unable to read game Disc Problem This Repair Service Takes 1 Hour from receiving the console done same day just book a time includes 6 Months Warranty


Common Wii Problems we Repair Daily

Wii Starts But Black Screen

Black screen Fault usually is a Fault in the graphics video stage of the Wii motherboard .
This Service Repair requires complete dismantle of the Wii console, checking solder connections around the AV socket. Sometimes it can be caused by a faulty graphics processor chip. Check the AV lead first

No Picture Error message When Console turned On

Same as above , sometimes a system software update or even a soft modded Wii can have this issue known as a bricked Wii.
A bricked Wii is often caused by applying a Software system update to a Console that has been software modded . This results in the System software that's saved in the NAND to be corrupt . If the NAND software (Program that runs the Wii) is bad the console will not boot, start up Black screen or even error message's.

No Power

Can be caused by the external power supply module, commonly known as the power brick, even a motherboard failure can have this type of problem. This Repair requires the console with power brick

Jammed Game Disc or Wont Accept disc

This repair Service is usually a replacement DVD drive. There are different drive model's using interchangeable controller boards, The DVD drive is usually in stock for a same day replacement Service

Game Freezing During Play

This fault is sometimes a problem with the disc drive, first check your Game disc Isn't scratched or damaged, try different disc's. Laser Replacement Service for this Problem

Error Message When Reading Game Disc

Disc Drive Optical laser assembly, drive spindle motor, or DVD controller board can cause this type of fault. The repair is directed to the disc drive of the Wii console DVD drive Repair Service can fix this fault

Nintendo Wii Wont turn on

stays in standby, not turning on is an indication of a problem to the main board sometimes caused by over heating that’s usually visible by the blocked air vents underneath the console. A software problem can also cause this symptom, mainly if a console has been soft modded Motherboard repair or replacement fix

Game Disc Wont Play

Well this problem explains it all. usually a Laser replacement RAF3350 repair Service restores the Wii console Stopping the disc Drive read error. there is a cheaper laser replacement that has no RAF3350 marking, these Laser lens often cause problem's with reading of dual layer discs. Before booking a repair, Always do the disc check first, look at the silver side of the Game disc carefully make sure its not scratched, finger printed or marked Usually this is a simple solution

wii motherboard
Nintendo Wii Motherboard Replacement for a bricked dead not starting console
Wii NAND flash
Wii NAND Flash Memory chip that stores system software, game data.
Wii disc drives
Disc Drive Replacement For game disc reading error message


Daily Hot Selling Products and Services

Wii Software Mod USB Game Loader

Games Wont Load disc wont eject

Wii UN-Bricking Service

Nintendo Wii Unable to read Disc Error

Wii Laser Replacement

USB Loader wii dvd drive wii motherboard Unable to read disc wii laser





hot selling products picture

Unable to Read Disc Repair Replacement Disc Drive
wii drive

blue line

wii laser

Optical Laser Repair Service

Software Mods.. more

Disc Drive Replacement Controller Boards
$49 Inc Install Service

Un-Bricking Service
bricked wii blue line

Wii usb loader
USB Game Disc Loader



DVD Drive Mechanism
wii DVD drive

blue line

Mod Chips D2Pronds case


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