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Nintendo Wii Main Board Replacement Fix For Black Screen

Nintendo Game Console has been soft modded Customer did A System update Now there is a black screen the Wii wont start, No image on TV screen

Usually this problem can be fixed if a program like priiloader has been installed or you have a copy of the NAND
Priiloader is Installed before the system menu in memory (NAND) so its the first loader to run and usually any corrupt system can be recovered by booting into priiloader

wii nand

wii boardl

Internal NAND Flash Memory chip inside the wii console
The Nintendo Wii NAND All the system ios software is stored in this NON-Volatile flash memory does not require any power to retain its stored program that runs the Wii system





ios menu

IOS Patches installed on a Wii this is configured with a program called Multi-Mod Manager Once you have access to this screen you can remove IOS add IOS in the memory blocks this can sometimes restore the Wii System

If access to these menu's Is not possible the option is a replacement main board


This Is the Priiloader or Pre-loader Main Menu were you can configure Block's of Memory (Slots) were IOS are stored

priiloader menu priiloader menu





Wii motherboard The Hollywood Processor Circled above Inside the Nintendo Wii console
IOS is the operating system that runs a coprocessor that’s internal to the Hollywood Chip.
There are many IOS that sit in slots and can be individually removed modded or replaced however when a IOS is removed or replaced that the operating system requires the Wii wont start hence Bricked


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