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Nintendo 64 Gaming Console

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 Gaming console was originally released in June 1996 to rival the Sony PS1
The worlds first 64-bit gaming console with true 3D graphics running a NEC VR4300 Risc Processor
CPU clocked at 93.75 MHz was the worlds most powerful gaming console Processor at the time of its release

Apart from the main CPU the graphics and audio was processed by a Reality Coprocessor. Clocked at 62.5 MHz the RCP Performed all the Graphic 3D lighting triangle setup, clipping Etc.

The down side was the bulky cartridge ROM for the games, the Game cartridge slot causing many problems with bad connections with the game cartridge
The contacts would regularly oxidize and cause freezing and not booting issues

Video output from the console was composite and also S-Video for slightly better resolution at 288p

Game Cartridge memory size was limited to only 64Mb compared to the disc based consoles like the optical drive based Sony PS1 with over 650Mb of data storage on the disc

nintendo 64 board
Nintendo 64 Main board

nintendo 64 game cartridge

Typical Game Cartridge with the large 64Mb memory IC Visible

For this Item we have a limited supply of parts
If your having problems with your unit just give us a call to check on repair availability

DS Lite LCD Display Screen

LCD Screen

blue line

Nintendo DS Lite Battery


Game Boy Advance Rubber Keypad
$39 Inc Install Service

DS Lite Not Powering up
bricked wii

blue line

Nintendo GameBoy
Cartridge Slot Assembly



Game Advance Main Processor board


blue line

DS Lite 3DS Mods

GBA mods


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