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PLAYSTATION 4 Orbis Not Reading Discs

Playstation 4 Orbis

Possible New look Playstation 4 touch screen display control not designed for young kids
You wont want to drop this baby on a hard surface

Not Reading Game Disc Repair Service Australia Wide

Ausgamestore will be fully equipped to handle any PS 4 Orbis issues Including game disc loading problems or freezing of DVD blu ray movies

The New PS 4 Orbis console hopefully is not too far away maybe Late 2013 may see the unveiling of the new game console The new PS 4 console code named Orbis maybe called "Playstation Orbis" or PSO
As its previous models PS1 PS2 and the PS3 we are sure to see problems with the maybe optical drives resulting in game disc reading errors, possibly freezing on game play or not playing movies. There is talk of a console with no optical drive games to be downloaded from the online Sony Playstation store Also rumoured the new PS 4 console will not play second hand games This would be a move not too many Sony Playstation game enthusiasts would not be happy with I'm sure

Hopefully The new PS 4 Orbis will be a console that is as reliable as the Playstation One or PS2. Retailing at an affordable price, going on past experience with Sony, will probably sell for over $1000

Downloadable content is sure to be a main feature of the next generation of console web Video TV all built in Aimed more towards a multimedia system.


blue line

We will be equipped to handle all PS 4 Repairs as usual offering Same Day service we'll need to see how reliable the new generation console will be but if its anything like the PS3 we may have lots of work
The original PS One was a great reliable console so was the PS 2 even today these consoles work flawlessly


Then came the Playstation Three with its blu ray problems also YLOD failure is a common even in the new Slim
With the new PS 4 well, If history is anything to go by we may see most unreliable console, only time will tell

We have seen from the PSone to the PS 3, things get from good to bad

Playstation 4 Orbis

Picture of the Sony PSX the New PS 4 Sony Code named Orbis May Look Like This The disc drive slot is clearly visible



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