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PS3 Game Disc Reading Error Blu ray Drive Repair
Service in Melbourne Victoria



Why Come to Us For a Repair

The AusGameStore Repair
We at AusGameStore do not erase your data, you get your console back fixed in 1 hour at a fraction of the price.
We use only original genuine Sony Parts
Your Game Console save data is not Deleted or lost
during any of our blu ray repairs and includes warranty of six Months

The Official Sony Repair in sydney
Unlike Our Repair, the Sony repair, You send the console away to Sydney.
Repair can take 2-3 weeks, data is wiped from console,
You get a second hand refurbished console sent back, not your own, and only 3 Months warranty,
costing a whopping $170 or more.
So why would you want to get your console fixed by Sony ??

ps3 dvd driveSony KEM400AAA Blu ray optical drive assembly complete with Spindle Sled Motors & KES400 Blu ray Laser assembly

PS3 laser Sony Playstation 3 KES410ACA dual lens Model blu ray Optical laser Assembly commonly used in 40 or 80 gig Phat models

Common Sony Playstation Error Message displayed during game disc playing or Blu ray movie disc loading
ps3 error message

No game save data lost during our repair
Call Of Duty 4 save data



NEW Sony PS3 Blu ray Optical disc Drive Including Spindle and Sled Motors

PS3 Not Reading discs - Games Freezing
error code 80010514 - Playstation Not Loading Games PS 3 Game Disc Error code
Playstation Game disc Icon not showing on screen
Game Disc stuck in PS3 Disc Drive
Disc Drive making Grinding Noises


All PS3 Model Blu ray Drives are Always In-stock including KEM400ACA, KEM410AAA, KEM450.KEM460, KEM470 Installed & Calibrated by Qualified Service Engineers and come with a written warranty on a Tax invoice


Is Your Playstation Game Console Freezing
When Loading Blu ray Movies or Game Discs

These drives cause many PS3 Blu ray disc reading problems AusGameStore Repair Service can repair your PS3 disc drive fast usually One Hour same day service for all our Melbourne customers

Is it necessary to replace my Playstation 3 complete Blu ray disc drive


Other hobbyists will just throw a laser in, But we have found in the past the Blu ray spindle motor bearings wear & cause disc spinning problems - the Sled motor can cease up, lock the optical assembly thus causing freezing while the disc is accessed
That's why our Game Console Engineers Fully Check the complete DVD drive, and if needed replace spindle motor, sled motor, or the complete drive
Also included in the disc drive service is a full clean of the cooling system and a temperature monitor/check to avoid the Yellow Light Of Death (YLOD) problem Playstation consoles seem to get. the console motherboard can overheat due Dust Particles Restricting The air flowing running through the heat-sinks of the CPU and GPU processors

Will I Loose All my PS 3 Game Saves, Photos,
and any Data on the hard drive

The simple answer is No you will have NO Data Loss,
Your Playstation 3 will be returned to you (Not a refurbished unit) in Original state. all your data will be intact just like it was before the repair, You get your own original PS3 back with all your
Game data, game saves, video's, photos, movies Music, Nothing is Wiped or lost from the hard disc

The Cost Of the complete PS3 blu ray drive Repair

Cost - Depending on the Playstation 3 Model there are many different model optical drives and are not interchangeable, so if your model uses a KEM470AAA it requires a replacement KEM470AAA, Price starting From $109.00 & Includes Full 180 Day Written Warranty on Parts & Labour. Some Blu ray drives are cheaper and some are more expensive, we only source genuine NEW optics, not refurbished chinese seconds

Contact Details For Same Day Playstation 3 Repair Service 1 Hour While U Wait in Melbourne Victoria








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