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Playstation 3 Slim not reading disc Error Repair

When A Playstation 3 slim console is Not reading game discs Its Usually the Blu ray disc drive or optical Blu ray laser assembly that has failed resulting in not being able to play games or display the disc icon in the home page thats commonly known as The cross Media Bar or abbreviated to XMB
Our Service Repair Centre for slim Playstation 3 Repairs is equipped to repair replace the Blu ray in your ps3 same day in 1 Hour
For your peace of mind all Blu ray drive Repairs we do come with a full written warranty on parts and Labour on a tax invoice

kem400aaa drive

Sony PS3 KEM 450aaa drive commonly Used in the PS3 Slim Models Blu ray drive mechanism
complete with spindle and sled motors

line blue

PS3 Slim dismantled
Sony Playstation 3 Slim CECH2002A Model With the top lid removed exposing the internal Disc drive on the right hand side The cooling fan on the left hand side with the power supply module to the rear

line blue

PS3 slim bootm view laser
Bottom view of the slim KEM450AAA optical disc drive

line blue

ps3 KEM450

View of the drive controller board white membrane connector to the spindle motor


Finally Give us a Call Quote the PS3 Model Number of your console eg. CECH2502A located on the rear Of The PS3 Console near the av socket
We'll give you a estimate over the phone for a fast same day Repair in Melbourne

Replacement Blu Ray drives for all the slim models

are usually in stock For our Local Melbourne Customers can be replaced same day within 1 Hour of receiving the game console

ps3 kes-400a Laser
PS3 slim kes450a Optical Laser assembly with the membrane connector to the main drive controller board

KES 450 Laser Replacement Can sometimes Fix the Problem and Is a Cheaper Option

line blue

First of all, If You have a PS3 Not Reading Game Disc

problem check your disc is clean & not scratched finger prints on the silver side of the disc surface can often cause a game not to load or run
If thats all OK try another game disc or Blu ray movie Finally get the Playstation 3 Model Number on the Back Of The PS3 Console and call us.

Disc tray jammed or disc stuck - get a quote First

freezing or Games not playing are a common PS3 Blu ray drive problem we see every day

Will My Hard Drive Data Be Erased

With AusGameStore There is no game data removed or erased during Our repair process unlike the Sony repair they wipe all your game save data, Movies, Pictures and music files. Then you get some other persons refurbished console returned to you

What Is The Total Cost Of The Repair

The cost of the complete repair depends on the PS3 model whether it uses and KEM450, KEM460 or KEM 470 Blu ray drive but is usually around $99-$129 this is about a 30% saving on what Sony will charge you for the same repair

How Long Does The Repair Take

Our repair is done same day for our Melbourne customers in less that 1 Hour, Sony repair can take 3-4 weeks

Whats The Warranty On This Repair

Our written on the Blu ray repair is 6 Months with a lifetime of technical support from a qualified Electronics Engineer (MTETI Aus.)
Now with Sony they only offer 3 Months their support is from a call Centre operator that often has no technical or electronic qualifications

Why AusGameStore And Not Sony For Repair

weigh it up and make the choice
Cheaper Price than Sony
Double the warranty Sony Offer
You Get your Machine Back not someone else's
No Data Loss or Hard drive Erased
Friendly phone support from Qualified Engineers
if you have any Further queries or questions that need to be answered Call Ralph on 0418 313 927


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