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Playstation 3 Jailbreak Mod Chip Hack device


PS3 jailbreak
Due to recent Federal court rulings in Melbourne Victoria PS3 Modchip dongle known as the Jailbreak device
has been banned in Australia Court halts PS Jailbreak


The Modchip known as the Jailbreak is a USB chip set Dongle device that when inserted into the front USB socket of the ps3 console allowed the owner to execute unauthorized unsigned code that can backup original owned games directly to the hard disc drive or even external USB hard drive formatted to the FAT 32 File system
Jailbreak will run Home brew Software & development applications demonstration Programs & self written applications to interact with your PS3 console Also possible was running of PS2 games


The ps3 Jailbreak Modchip dongle was designed to wok with the game console system update firmware version 3.55 latter Sony system update V3.56 patches the exploit on the console rendering the Jailbreak useless

Soft mods are also popular with the Playstation system, Sony are on the ball to block the PS3 Homebrew scene
with consistently regular Playstation system updates that remove the soft mod, restoring the console software to the ps3 default

We do not sell or support the PS3 Jailbreak USB Dongle device


The PS3 jailbreak was outlawed in Australia Sony claim a violation of copyright law. The Federal courts ruled The PS jailbreak cannot be imported, sold or distributed to any person or even offered to the public something like crack cocaine amphetamines its very evil Linux hack Guru George Hotz was noted for being the first person to hack the Sony Playstation 3, later dragged to court and sued by Sony And yet the fact of the matter Homebrew Linux is free legit and very legal but cannot be installed on your own purchased game console Who knows next, maybe Linux will be banned because it can be used as a tool to circumvent product's

Knives and Alcohol vs Jailbreak

The kitchen knife can be used as a tool to kill people yet they are quite legal and can be purchased over the counter from many retail stores

Alcohol is a major killer with road deaths, assaults, bashings, domestic violence, rapes, Vandalism, suicide, health issues, And also major burden on police and health resources, yet its available often within a few hundred metres of where you sit now.
Often Court Judges are brain washed from major corporate companies, not understanding even what a product like the jailbreak really is, and make harsh decisions that are sometimes wrong.

If used correctly, just like a kitchen knife its a great device to have for your game console

If you ban the Jailbreak why not ban kitchen knives and alcohol ???

The Playstation 3 Jailbreak device dongle is not available at AusGameStore

The Original PS 3 Jailbreak dongle

jailbreak dongle This is the original Jailbreak dongle that was banned from sale in Australia. The device allowed you to backup YOUR original Legally owned game disc to YOUR Legally owned Playstation 3 console


Playstation 3 Cobra Jailbreak Dongle

cobra Jailbreak

The Cobra Jailbreak device allowing to backup original owned game discs to the hard drive. Once installed to the hard drive the game can be run without the need to insert the disc. There is no more need to have the game disc while playing it can be stored away safety to preserve the delicate surface of the blu ray.

t-break jailbreakThe T-Break dongle have its own side micro SD slot allowing it to be used as a USB memory stick This device is also banned from sale in Australia

The Benefits Of having a Jailbreak

This is great if you have young children that tend to damage and scratch Game discs. Playstation game discs are expensive and often if a Blu ray disc is scratched it will not play anymore. Its a great tool to preserve your valuable original game disc selection, often having a value of thousands of dollars. Faster loading of games direct from hard drive also speeds up game playing.

No more wear and tear on the blu ray drive,
no more expensive blu ray drive Repairs
No more reduced wear and tear on the drive Mechanism means a lot less replacement of parts reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Chinese manufacturing plants


ps3 downgrade

Downgrading of your ps3 software is available from us allowing you to run custom Linux apps and hardware for playing of game from hard drive more about downgrading service here


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