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Sony PSone Original Game Console

In 1994 Sony Released a Game Console Playstation & was a number one hit world wide mainly because Sony having a strong financial back enabling it to market the PS widely and its ability to entice hundreds of developers to license games for the console.  Sony sales figures were concrete proof that Sega Nintendo (Nintendo 64) Atari and Commodore had to be on ball & start worrying about their latest and most dangerous competitor Playstation most of these companies are now extinct
Yet Sony prevails years on with the playstation 3 and soon the playstation 4 Game Consoles

The Sony Game Consoles sold at $299 with over 50 million worldwide.  Over 1000 games no one was in the race  1999 saw Sony released new version of their Console the PSOne cheaper and smaller yet same specs

Its Rival Nintendo with its 64 bit console failed due to its cartridge type game media

So said Sony had a number one seller mainly due to the ability to modchip the console and allow it to play back up game discs this killed the Nintendo 64 with its bulky game cartridges and its difficulty for a modchip to be installed

Sony PSOne Specifications

CPU: 32-bit RISC Processor running at a 33.9MHz
RAM: 2MB 1MB dedicated to Video
Graphics: 3D Geometry Engine with 2D rotation scaling transparency & fading & 3D texture mapping shading
Colors: 16.7 million true
Sprites: 4,000
Polygons: 360,000 per second
Resolution: 640x480 composite video output only
Sound: 16-bit 24 channel PCM
: Nil
: Nil

playstation one


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