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SONY PLAYSTATION 3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service

Playstation 3 shuts off Red Light Flashing is usually is an Indication of a Hardware Breakdown
There are may causes for this to occur
The most common failure is usually the PS3 motherboard BGA Connections Usually on the RISC Processor


This Playstation Repair is Known as PS3 Yellow Light Of Dead or more Commonly Know As The Playstation 3 YLOD

This problem occurs because of the heat produced by the RISC processor this causes stressing the the motherboard & BGA connections of the Risc processor resulting in fracturing of the BGA solder connections the console detects a fault & shuts off with 3 beeps & a flashing Red light


PS3 motherboard

Playstation 3 60Gig Motherboard with faulty BGA Risc solder connections


PLAYSTATION 3 Main Board repairs with professional BGA rework using control Infrared Soldering
The Result is no damage to the PS3 motherboard & High success rate on all PS3 repairs


Sony Playstation 3 consoles fail similar to the Xbox 360 console with the red ring of death.
People all over the world will eventually witness this phenomina as it is know as The Yellow light of Death

This is what happens

The front RED power LED light status will change

1 - PS3 console in stand-by RED LED on

2- Touch the power button RED LED changes from RED to GREEN with 1 beep of audio sound

3- From GREEN will change YELLOW then RED flashing LED light with 3 audio beeps console turned off

Blue Eject LED light may come on momentarily & flash during the RED GREEN YELLOW RED cycling

Console now is off with RED LED light Flashing the console is now totally dead and will not start-up

Another hurdle is the hard drive game DATA is secured & encrypted to your specific console what that means is if you insert your existing hard drive into another ps3 console it will erase & format the hard disc all data will be lost not good if you have many hours of game play even photos & movies are all lost If the data is critical to you then you have no option but to get your PS3 repaired Usual repair of the Yellow light Of Death is same day essential to book a day & time
Once the repair is done your data will all be there then its time to back it up through a external USB
formatted to the FAT 32 File system


PS3 blue line


The only way to get your game stored data back is if your console is starting up then you have the option of back utility in the menu of the PS3 only then the backed up data can be restored into another PS3 console



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