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Only AusGameStore

Playstation 3 Slim Service Repair Melbourne


AusGameStore Repair Service for all PS3 Slim Console Problems Same Day Repair Service


Playstation 3 Error Code List

Playstation 3 Slim Service Repair Guide.....click here

Reading Disc Error - No Display Picture
Yellow Light Of Death
Playstation No Power
-PS3 Black Screen
Playstation Slim Problem - PS3 Not Starting
Software Corrupt Re-build - Repair Guide
Freezing on Games

We have the tools Equipment and Parts to Fix your Playstation 3 Slim Console Fast SDame Day
No change-over Jobs You get your Original Playstation 3 Fixed in 1 Hour Written 90 Day Warranty
Parts for all common faults are always in-stock No Waiting weeks or even Months for ps3 repairs
We repair YOUR PS3 console you get YOUR Original PS3 Console back working No Loss of Data or PS3 Game Saves Unless the Memory Storage Device has failed hard disc drive faults are common
Playstation Same Day Service is Provided bookings Essential
The PS3 Yellow Light Of Death - YLOD Fixed fast You wont loose any Game Saves
NEW Replacement PS3 Motherboards We can restore your original game data
Call Ralph in Melbourne book a Day Time Same Day Playstation Repair Service

ps3PS 3 Slim Console Blu ray drive covered on Right hand side
Fan to the Left & Power supply at the rear of the console all these are common parts that fail in the Slim Model



Playstation Jailbreak Banned by the Federal court Of Australia
Not Available $00.00


Mods Upgrades Modchips USB disc-Less game loaders3k3y

Fast Same Day Melbourne Repair Service For All Playstation Consoles

Not Reading Game Disc....click here

ps3 laser

Optical Laser Assembly KES450ACA

Slim Model E3 Downgrade service
ps3 E3 downgrade
Slim Console Downgrade to Firmware Version 3.55 allowing Linux apps installation and region Unlocking


Power Supply Repair Service

PS3 power supply
Not turning on or PS3 switching off Power Supply Repair
Faulty PS3 Power supply will stop the Console from booting & are a common problem

From $79.00 with 12 Months Warranty


PS 3 Overheating Repair

PS3 fan not spinning fast enough
NEW replacement PS3 Slim Fan


PS3 System Not starting Problems

ps3 hard drive

Hard disk Drive Replacement
or upgrade starting from $45

Daily Hot Selling Products and Services

Unable To Read Disc Error Screen

PS3 Slim Popular Repair Requests

Cobra USB Game Loader

PS3 Downgrade Service

Playstation 3 Jailbreak Dongle

Error reading disc PS3 Repair board Cobra ODE Loader E3-Flasher Jail Break dongle
No Longer Available
Hot selling Products

Cobra ODE For PS3



PS3 Software Downgrade to Version 3.55 HOT


ps3 laser
Playstation 3 Laser Repair
from $109


PS3 ODE USB Game Loader

Cobra Modchip
PS3 Cobra USB Dongle


ps3 slim repairs
PS3 Slim Model Repairs


PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service


PS3 Not Reading DiscKES460A laser unit
Game Freezing at Random


No Power No Screen
PS3 power supply
PS3 Power Supply Repairs


Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive

Hard Drive Upgrade System Startup Repair


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