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Playstation 3 Slim System Software Error Repair


The Sony Playstation 3 system software is the update-able software or operating system stored in the internal Nand or Nor (non-volatile memory chip) The update process is similar to the PSP hand held console
the PS2 did not have this update function each system software update includes all previous update data apart from some features that have been listed to be removed. Software updates are usually done via the Sony website Online , via USB stick formatted to FAT 32 file system or even a game disc that has the update data.
Sometimes during these software updates things can go wrong and render your Playstation inoperable
.This problem we can often fix and can be done in-store.

If your PS3 Will not start or after a system update the Playstation will no longer boot the software may be corrupt

Usually there is a hardware problem that stops the PS3 from starting up or even stuck in an endless update loop

This problem can be caused by many things but at AusGameStore its a usual repair that's done fast and cheap


If your PS3 has this type of problem Send it to us for a quote


Take Note That this Problem is not the YLOD or more commonly know as the yellow light Of Death
Usually the console will start up with a Software problem
As with YLOD 3 audible beeps are heard then shuts off after 2-3 seconds with the red power indicator light flashing

repair page for more info on the YLOD on this type of problem

playstation screenthis screen is displayed the update is completely successful

Display screen error messages

no update foundError message displaying the USB is not inserted or the system update file on the USB stick is corrupt or non existent. Sometimes reformatting or even trying a different branded USB stick can solve this problem

System softwareerror Typical Error screen showing the Playstation 3 cannot run without re-installing the system software. This problem can be caused by faulty hard drive or even a previous failed update. System updates are now becoming quite regular and are often done when the console connects Online to the PSN network.

If you get to this stage then the System update is stuck at a certain percentage, its a sure sign of a major hardware problem, console requiring a repair service. give us a call stating the model number of the Playstation console, and your having issues with the system update getting stuck




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