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Playstation 3 Slim Game Console Repair Guide

PS3 Slim Drive
Not Reading Disc Error
PS3 Not Working
PS3 not working or Not turning on
Yellow Light Of Death Repair
Playstation 3 error codes
Possible Error Codes Displayed
Blu ray Disc Drive Replacement
Optical Laser Replacement

ps3 nand flash

Firmware Corrupt NAND Repair

PS3 slim hard drive

Internal Hard Drive Upgrade

PS3 power supply


Internal Switch Mode Power Supply

ps3 no display
No Display Repair

Red flashing Light

Flashing Red Light

Red Screen Of death
Red Screen Of Death


The Fault Listings Above are the Most common Service Repair Enquiries we get asked for.
All the faults listed are usually fixed same day in Melbourne or 2-3 days via Australia Wide Postal service
The yellow Light Of Death is probably a Service request we get often, sometimes consoles with this problem can be unreliable even after a repair and may fail again. This particular fault is due to excessive heat warping the motherboard resulting in solder joints being fractured on the BGA connections of the RISC Processor chip.
Usually a reflow restarts the console allowing for data backup recovery to be executed via the Playstation menu.
This is the only means of getting back any game saves, video, audio, or picture files stored on the internal hard drive


system update freezing
System Update Screen freezing is another comment problem we repair
BGA reflow
bga solder connectionFractured PS3 solder connection on the RISC processor chip

Top View Sony Playstation RISC Processor chip That Fractures its Ball connections to the main motherboard causing Yellow Light Of Death Fault or more commonly known as the YLOD. Symptoms of YLOD is console turns on, then immediately shuts off with 3 audible beeps and front red power light flashing.



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Unable To Read Disc Error Screen

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Playstation Error Messages

Playstation No Power or Turning Off

Playstation 3 Hard Disc Problems

Error reading disc E3 Flasher error code list ps3 slim power supply ps3 hard drive
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ps3 laser
Playstation 3 Laser Repair
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ps3 slim repairs
PS3 Slim Model Repairs


PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service


PS3 Not Reading DiscKES460A laser unit
Game Freezing at Random


No Power No Screen
PS3 power supply
PS3 Power Supply Repairs


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