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Professional Service Repairs To Playstation 3 Slim Console
Located In Melbourne Australia Same Day Service

Daily Hot Selling Products and Services

Unable To Read Disc Error Screen

PS3 Slim Repair Guide

Cobra USB Game Loader

PS3 Downgrade Service

Playstation 3 Jailbreak Dongle

Error reading disc PS3 Repair board Cobra ODE Loader E3-Flasher Jail Break dongle
No Longer Available

Common PS3 Slim Faults - Disc Reading Error & No Power or console switching off

Not Reading Blu ray discs
PS3 Console turns off When Hot
Black Screen No Display
Freezing When Playing Game Discs
Error Display Message On Screen
Wont Play Any Movies
PS3 Slim Disc Read Error
Playstation 3 Slim Turns Off
Disc Jammed wont accept any discs
PS3 Hard disc Error
Playstation 3 Modchip
PS3 Slim power supply Replacement
Yellow Light Of Death or YLOD
Wont Turn on No Red Power Light


How Long Does a Repair Usually take

Repairs can Usually be done on the Day & Fixed Within 1 Hour

What is the Cost of my Repair Job

We Offer a No Obligation Quote on all PS3 Game Console Repairs

What Warranty Do I get on my repair

You Get a Full 6 Months Warranty on Blu ray drive replacements

Will I loose my Game Saves and Info on my hard drive

No all your Data will never be lost ( unless your hard drive is faulty) - We Never wipe your hard drive

My PS3 has the YLOD can you recover my DATA

Yes We Can recover all your hard drive Data & Back it Up - PRICE From $55.00

My PS3 Wont Read any Game Discs

If your PS3 wont read game discs Usually the Blu Ray drive has failed Common indication of this is you insert a PS3 game disc no icon appears on the screen a few seconds later you will hear a clunck noise like when you insert the disc type of noise this sound is the DVd mechanism trying to re-seat and read the game disc if this is happening you will need the blu ray drive replaced complete with spindle & sled motors this repair service includes a 6 Month Warranty
PS3 Slim disc drive replacement KEM450ACA or KEM460ACA depending on your PS3 slim model number
Sometimes a quick short cut is to replace just the laser lens its a cheaper option at $149.00

blue line

Our Playstation 3 Slim repair Service is Usually Same day & we are located in Melbourne Australia
All Common PS3 Parts including PS3 Slim Power Supplies & the KEM450ACA PS3 Slim disc drive are always in stock & Repairs Done Same Day

KEM450ACA ps3 slim blu ray

PS3 Slim KEM450ACA blu ray drive assembly


hot selling products

PS3 Cobra ODE



PS3 Software Downgrade Version 3.55 HOT


ps3 laser
Playstation 3 Laser Repair
from $109


PS3 ODE USB Game Loader

Cobra Modchip
PS3 Cobra USB Dongle


ps3 slim repairs
PS3 Slim Model Repairs


PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service


PS3 Not Reading DiscKES460A laser unit
Game Freezing at Random


No Power No Screen
PS3 power supply
PS3 Power Supply Repairs


Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive
Hard Drive Upgrade System Startup Repair From $49


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