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Playstation 3 Slim Freezing during game playing

When A PS3 slim is Freezing the are many things it could be from power supply to blu ray drive failure
Our Service Centre for PS3 Slim Repairs is equipped to repair your Console same day
Our Repair service at AusGameStore comes with a Written warranty and tax invoice

kem450 blu ray drive
KEM 450aaa drive commonly Used in the PS3 Slim Model CECH2002A or the CECH2002B This Blu ray drive mechanism
comes complete with spindle and sled motors these drives failure usually cause freezing during game playing

A Blu ray optical Laser Replacement Can sometimes Fix the Problem and Is a Cheaper Option than replacing the complete disc drive mechanism Slim model lasers include part numbers KES450A, KES460A, KES470A the replacement lens should match the same original unit

ps3 kes-400a LaserPS3 slim kes450a optical blu ray Laser assembly these units use an all plastic housing we find the life these units is limited from 14 to 20 months of regular weekly use


slim power supplyPS3 Slim Model internal Power supply module

The Power supply is another component that can cause freezing or shutting off. In the slim model console these power supplies are not build like the old style units and usually can fail within 14 months. Proper console ventilation is a key to maintaining reliable operation and to avoid a breakdown.


ps3 slim fanSony Playstation slim model cooling fan bearings can wear causing heating issues

If the PS3 slim Fan fails or slows down the console can overheat and freeze or turn off
usually a over-heating message is displayed if this occurs but not always

With a freezing problem best to bring the console in for a No obligation quote and assessment

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