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Playstation 3 Common Repair Parts


Playstation 3 Game Consoles usually fail due the excessive heat that's generated from within the game console this usually results
in a number of Internal parts that breakdown, main board solder connection fractures and also power supply failure

PS3 motherboard ps3 board underside ps3 main board power risc chip

The PS 3 GPU on the Main board can get the console motherboard extremely hot resulting in excessive heat This often results in the YLOD or more commonly known as Yellow Light Of Death, PS3 turns on then within seconds shuts off with three audiable beeps then the red power led light flashing

power supply ps3 power module power supply ps3 slim power supply

The Power Supply Module Of the PS3 Slim Console is another item that can fail Symptoms of No power or the console will shut off on display lights or power. Power supply modules are available for the Slim or phat pronounced FAT model console. Check your PS3 model for the correct power supply replacement click here

ps3 laser diode kem400AAA ps3 slim laser PS3 60gb laser

The Blu-ray disc drive is another unit that fails and causes not reading of any game discs optical laser assemblies vary with different models and cannot be swapped or substituted for another type check you console model click here available optical assembly models are KES400A single lens, dual lens models KES410A, KES450, KES460A, KES470A All Laser replacement jobs come with a written six months replacement warranty from date of installation

ps3 hard disk drive playstation hard drive ps3 hard disk PS3 HDD

Ps3 hard disc drive can fail usually causing the system to not start-up or error massages on the display screen

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Unable To Read Disc Error Screen

Game Loader

Playstation No Power or Turning Off

PS3 Slim Software Downgrade

Playstation 3 Jailbreak Dongle

Error reading disc cobra ODE Loader ps3 slim power supply E3 Flasher Jail Break dongle
No Longer Available

Cobra ODE For PS3



PS3 Software Downgrade to Version 3.55 HOT


Play PS3 Games From Hard drive No More Discs
Cobra Modchip
Cobra UBS Game Loader $49

ps3 laser
Playstation 3 Laser
From $89

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service

Not Reading Game Disc
KES460A laser unit
KES400A to KES410A
From $109 Installed

Blue line

No Power No Screen
PS3 power supply


Hard Drive Upgrade System Startup RepairXbox 360 Slim Hard drive


PS3 Software version Check
        ps3 software version check

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