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Playstation 4 Nicknamed Orbis the 'super-HD' machine released in 2013

Capable of 'super-HD' resolution beyond most TVs
Known at Sony as 'Orbis' - but may be a codename
Debuted in Christmas in 2013
Machine will 'block' second-hand games

With The Six Year Old Sony Playstation 3 been hacked with the Jailbreak device to allow Development software install

Sony are prepared to release a new locked game console with a shelf life of another 6 years

The Playstation 4 or PS4 Code Named Orbis Up to a Screen Resolution of 4096x2160
Most Television screens today are not anyway capable of displaying this Super HD Resolution

The console may not play any secondhand or pre owned games that means all of your PS3,PS2 and PSone game discs will not play. We wont really know until Sony officially release the new Multi-media gaming machine.
So New Gaming console New Super HD TV also New games at what price ???

Sony's not the only one hard at work on their next generation Orbis game console.

Nintendo have already released its new game console named Wii U specs at E3 2012
Nintendo Wii U Release date Late 2012 in time for Christmas

Microsoft also are ready and have begun working on its next generation console March 2011 due to be release mid late 2013This will see a new generation of gaming machines that

The New Sony Console Named Orbis is Due in Christmas 2013 Gaming blog Kotaku's unnamed source also reported, more controversially, that the new 'Orbis' console would refuse to play second-hand games.

Sony PS4

The Sony Playstation 4 specs could abandon the Cell processor Technology and Return to x86
Digital Distribution of game, video & music content will no doubt be a certainty

Hopefully Sony have a decent and reliable disc drive this time around in their new PS4 game console There are rumors of downloadable games that install to the PS4 internal hard drive making the game marry to the Specific Playstation 4 console This will mean There will be No more game disc's
Downloading games direct to the console hard drive from the Playstation 4 Online store will be the way Sony will go Not a good idea if you want to play the game on another console or take the game disc to your mates place

Sony Playstion 4The Playstation 4 may look something like The PSX console

Sony Playstation 4

The New Sony Game Console may look like this

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