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Playstation 2 Repair Mods and Upgrades

ps2 box

From The Original Phat to the latest Slim Model We can Modchip your PS2. Having problems reading game discs We have original Lasers or disc drives in stock ready for a repair to last years
Console wont start up new replacement power supply modules are a regular item we stock for all models

New SPU-3170 for Slim Console Disc drive
PS 2 Laser Faulty
We check Make sure the
Drive IC LA6508 is OK la6508
ps2 laser HD7
Sony Playstation 2 Laser Model HD7

Disc reading error on a PS2 console is often the disc laser not working correctly some of the models include HD7,400A 400B 400R. they are all different and cannot be interchanged the replacement must match the type being replaced. This Job usually takes around 1 Hour to complete and Includes a full drive clean service and calibration. Any dust is also removed from inside the console. The fan is checked for any bearing wear

ps2 power supply

Console wont turn on or just completely dead is a sure sign the switched mode power supply module has failed. The Phat model PS2 use an internal unit. Again different model PS2 consoles us different power supply boards. The latter slim PS use an external power brick. Often a power surge will blow the power supply. Most models we have in stock for a 1 Hour replacement service

ps2 motherboardPlaystation 2 Slim Model Motherboard

Red Light On a PS2 and not responding to the power switch can be a main mother board These boards are now getting a little hard to source again the model of the PS2 is important. We have limited stock of these now the slim board are available and also the V7 model board. Some of the very early model V3 and V4 board are now quite hard to source

ps2 laser
Complete Laser Replacements
Installed aligned
hd7 laser
PS2 HD7 Laser
To Suit scph39002
Scph 50002a

DVD Drive Assembly
400c laser
400C to Suit PS2 Early Model drives

Fan Switch Unit

ps2 fan

Slim Board
Complete V12 Motherboard


V3 to V10
Control ports

No laser burnout warranty

slim power pack

PS2 Slim
power pack

slim diode
PS2 Diode Fix
Stops Laser Burn-out

la6508 mod
V9 Laser burnout repair kit


Memory Cards

PS2 Controllers


ps2 av cables

AV Cables
All Models

ps2 remote

DVD remote control

New Slim

ps2 case blue

SCPH 30002R - 50002a

Original Fan
For V1-V10





hot selling products

PS3 Cobra ODE



PS3 Software Downgrade Version 3.55 HOT


ps3 laser
Playstation 3 Laser Repair
from $109


PS3 ODE USB Game Loader

Cobra Modchip
PS3 Cobra USB Dongle


ps3 slim repairs
PS3 Slim Model Repairs


PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Repair Service


PS3 Not Reading DiscKES460A laser unit
Game Freezing at Random


No Power No Screen
PS3 power supply
PS3 Power Supply Repairs


Xbox 360 Slim Hard drive
Hard Drive Upgrade System Startup Repair From $49


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