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Playstation 3 Slim Game Console Power Supply

power input filter coils
Filter Coils on the mains inputs stage
power main input
Mains input spike suppression cap
dc filter caps
DC Input Filter Capacitors
Chopper transformer
Switched Mode Chopper transformer
Mains Rectifier diodes
Mains Rectifier diodes attached to heat-sink
12v dc output stage
12V DC output stage
Various Stages the PS3 Slim Switched mode power supply stage From the mains input to the 12V regulated DC output with also a 5v standby rail there are different models of these units and we usually have them in stock for same day PS3 Slim power supply fix for our Melbourne Customers

When a PS3 slim will not start and no red power light on the front panel the chances are
the internal switched mode power supply module has failed these are common
We usually have replacement power supplies on hand ready to be fitted by our service engineers

ps3 slim power supply

Sony Playstation 3 Slim internal switched mode regulator supply module


Our Playstation Slim repair Service is Same day These supply modules are always in stock as they seem to fail within 2-3 years The earlier PS3 or PS2 consoles have a much better built power supply unit that seem to last forever Replacing these modules requires dismantling the console the job is usually done in 40 minutes same day the console arrives at our store.
We are located in Melbourne Australia

power supply for ps3 slimPS3 Slim power module

A Sony PS2 Slim switched mode supply module from a CECH2002A console with the plastic outer case removed. The Left had side power module AC Mains Input, AC to DC rectifier, DC filter caps in white, switching transformer, secondary Schottky rectifier diodes, PWM regulator circuit, and finally the DC regulated 12V output and 5V standby voltage.



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