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Sony Playstation 3 Slim No Display Repair

Service Located In Melbourne Victoria


Playstation 3 No DisplaySony Playstation 3 Slim Model CECH3002B

First thing is check if you have display with a standard Composite video Lead (yellow plug) connected to the video input of your screen this should display a signal even if the HDMI part of your Playstation slim has failed, a PS 2 AV lead (Yellow Red and White) will work & give you a display If there is no display with this method your console may have a problem internally AusGameStore can give you a quote on repairs before its fixed Best to book a day & time for your PS3 to be assessed for repairs this is usually done same day within 20 minutes

blue line

NO video Output display from the console

No display Usually no signal is displayed on your TV screen when the Playstation has no video output

Playstation Game Console with no display problems Call AusGameStore for a same day Repair Service
No video output from the PS 3 console can usually be repaired the same day Book a day & time to get your PS repair.

blue line

No display on HDMI may require the digital video socket replaced
hdmi socket

Full removal of the main motherboard heatsinks and cooling assembly is required. Re-assembled with new thermal paste re-applied to ensure correct heat dissipation from the Risc and also the processor chips. Finally the operating temperatures are monitored and fan speed check to ensure its within specs

Playstation - No Display - No picture - Black screen

This type of Problem in a slim console usually can be fixed same day at our Melbourne Store Fast & cheap
Display problems can be caused by bad or faulty AV leads or incorrect selection of the AV input on your display panel Check your AV leads First then try another screen it may be a simple fix

Our Service Engineers repair Playstation 3 No display Same Day
Playstation slim with no display a bad HDMI cable will damage the HDMI output socket of your Game console

BGA Reflow

Detachment of the RISC processor chip can also result in no display this would require what is know as a Ball grid array re-flow

Ball Grid Array re-flow or BGA of a Playstation 3 Motherboard Using a temperature controlled Aoyule re-flow workstation for No display Repair Usually a full re-flow of the large BGA chips gets the display back for Normal Operation

The re flowing process requires precision controller temperatures to eliminate any semiconductor or board damage caused by excessive heat


Very important to pre-heat the motherboard with a preheating station set at a temperature of around 150 Celsius this will allow a 30 second main re-flow at a peak temperature of around 235 Celsius anything more will result in damage to the semiconductor components

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