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Bad Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Fix By So called Experts

This could be Your Xbox 360 console in the wrong hands don't be fooled by the cheap Repair fix "you only get what you pay for"

Well This Is the Number 1 stuff-up Repair by Local Experts Xbox 360 3 Red Lights ( The Ring Of Death ) Anthony in Melbourne had his Xbox 360 Frimware modded in 2007. In 2009 He has 3 Red Lights "the Ring Of Death" Anthony called his Expert Repair modder for a $75.00 repair job Guaranteed. Console Taken to modder for a " NO FIX NO PAY REPAIR " After 2 Months waiting the repair dude said console cannot be fixed Anthony Rang me for a Xbox 360 repair quote, I told him the chances are the Xbox 360 is now totally stuffed however I would be happy to take a quick look at it for him. With the Xbox 360 on the bench, Anthony by my side I removed the case to find this.......

metal case
Lower Part Of Metal Case cut For easy heat gun access to the Graphics chip The X-clamp is also bent twisted to give the heat sink more tension on the GPU This is trully a bad repair
X-Clamps washers
Huge washers used under the heat sink shorting out the printed circuit take a closer look........
X-Clamps washers
Extreme heat melted the Fan Plug and fried most of the semiconductors
Xbox 360 Shorted board
Huge washers shorting out tracks on the topside of the board
Xbox 360 Melted connector
Melted Fan connector
melted Fan Plug
Many Parts Of The Board melted with the heat gun
Xbox 360 board
Extra lightweight case for easy transportation
Xbox 360 Melted connector
Parts of the surface mount components toasted
X-Clamps bent and distorted to increase the tension on the GPU
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