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LTU PCB Matrix Freedom 1175 Liteon DG-16D5S
Unlocked PCB For Xbox360 slim Cryptocop



freedom PCBMatrix Freedom PCB once installed in your drive is the ideal solution for playing backup Game discs on slim model Xbox


New Product from the Matrix team this is a LTU firmware modded PCB replacement for the DG-16D5S DVD drives found in the Xbox 360 slim model consoles.

Once installed will allow playing of back Xbox game discs you have. The great feature of this device is it has an external connection that once married to a Matrix USB adapter can be firmware updated via a PC computer.

About Firmware Updates

Xbox 360 system updates can happen regularly now and sometimes, update or check the drive firmware. If this happens the DVD drive firmware may need to be updated or even reverted back to stock firmware

Usually when an Xbox requires the drive firmware update the console needs to be dismantled to get access to the DVD drive, This device eliminates this process and can be done in your home with your PC


It Fits All DG-16D5S drives to date

runs all latest firmware versions for All Drives in the Xbox 360 Slim Model console Liteon DG-16D4S, Liteon DG-16D5S and Hitachi DLN10N

Works like the TX Xecuter LTU Unlocked boards

External programmer allowing anyone with a PC computer to update the firmware of the Crypto Cop drive Board without dismantling the console.

Installation what is required

A full Nand dump of the console and key retrieval done with Temporary Reset glitch hack for Lite-ON DG16D5S or Hitachi DLN10N 0500/0502 drives and also the CPU key text file

Old locked drive board removed new Freedom PCB Installed with the programming cable exiting the rear of the console

drive programmed and custom firmware installed via External USB programmer


Matrix Freedom software can be run from a PC to program new firmware to the freedom DVD board

matrix software

The programming software is simple and can be done by a click of the mouse once the software connects to the Cryptocop PCB inside the Xbox. No More paying for regular Ixtreme firmware updates when new games are released, can all be done in your home from a PC computer

Installed Complete Crypto Cop PCB $119

Temporary Reset Glitch Mod to retrieve drive key $99

Postage Charges may apply


The cryptocop and USB programmer connects via a white membrane


Simple interface connection on the cryptocop PCB for fast Firmware updating done on any Home PC

cryptocoptop view of the cryptocop

cryptocop-bottom-300x200Bottom view of the Matrix cryptocop chip and the freedom PCB


The white Membrane connector allows a interface to the Matrix USB programmer, you can do all the firmware upgrading at home on a PC computer

matrix usb programmer The External Matrix USB interface that connects to the cryptocop PCB inside the Xbox DVD drive


The USB socket on the left connects directly to a PC computer matrix freedom manager software can then program and update the firmware on the freedom PCB to the latest ixtreme Lt for new game compatibility. No more sending your console away and paying for a firmware update, it can all be done for free from the comfort of your home


Matrix-cryptocopMatrix Cryptocop add on makes updating Firmware simple Hassle free and Easy



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