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PS3 Unable To Read Disc Error Screen

Game Loader

Playstation No Power or Turning Off

Xbox 360
Open Tray Error

Nintendo Wii USB
Game Loader

Error reading disc cobra ODE Loader ps3 slim power supply Open Tray Error Wii Homebrew

Game Console Parts

Xbox 360 Phat Console

Xbox 360 Phat

Xbox 360 Custom High glossy Cases

Power Supply Units For All Models

DVD Drives

DVD drives for the Phat or Slim

Optical Laser Assembly for Phat or Slim DVD drive


360 Replacement HDMI version Motherboard

360 Slim Hard drive

Xbox360 Slim Hard disk drive caddy

Playstation 3 Console

Power Supply

Power Supply Module

Hard drive

Hard disc replacement for all Models

power supply module

Slim Switched Mode Power Supply

ps3 laser kes400A

Blu ray drive lens model KES400a Laser

PS3 Slim Fan

PS3 Slim Model Processor Cooling Fan

Slim Drive

PS3 Slim Blu ray drive Complete

Nintendo Wii

DVD drive Complete

Disc Drive complete compatible with all model Consoles comes with a 6 Month Warranty


Drive Board

DVD Drive Controller Board that can be chipped with a Wii key 2 modchip

Wii Laser

New RAF3350 Laser Replacement

Wii Motherboard

Complete main motherboard replacement

NAND Un-Brick

Wii corrupt NAND Replacement

Wii Spindle Motor

Spindle Motor used in the DVD drive

Listing Of common game console parts we use and sell most of these items are always stocked .
The most common are lasers or blu ray drives for the PS3 console.
Liteon 16D2S DVD drives for the Xbox 360 Phat or for the Slim Model the NEW 16D4S.
Nintendo Wii main board, spindle motor used inside the disc drive. and also the RAF3350 DVD laser .
Replacement hard drives and power supply modules for all model PS3 consoles including the new slim .




Hote selling Products

PS3 ODE USB Game Loader


wii repairs

Wii Game Console Repairs


Cobra ODE For PS3


Xbox 360 Repair Service Melbourne

Open Tray Error From $69open tray error
Xbox Wont Play Game's Fix


Nintendo Wii DVD drive board
Xbox Slim Console iXtreme Firmware Flashing from $49


Xbox 360 Game Loader

X3key USB Loader From $89


Play PS3 Games From Hard drive No More Discs

Cobra Modchip
Cobra UBS Game Loader

Playstation 3 Not Reading Game Disc

ps3 laser
Blu ray Laser Replacement



Liteon Disc Drive
Faster Game Loading



wii DVD drive

Wii Disc Read Error $110


matrix trident
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more

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