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Xbox 360 slim model Mod iXtreme Firmware Upgrade Service


WE Can Mod your NEW Black Xbox 360 SLIM console in 60 Minutes for $69 with iXtreme Firmware
Other Mod Stores say they cannot Chip your console but we Can while U wait
Any Model Xbox 360 Black Slim Console Same Day Mod
Pay an Extra $30 and get 12 Months drive Replacement Warranty
This Skillful Replacement of the Mediatek Chip not many modders can claim to do in Australia   

All Model Xbox 360 Slim Consoles Mod Service Play All Backup Games

ixtreme LT Plus modUnlocked drive board
Xbox 360 Slim DVD Drive ready to be modded with a replacement unlocked drive controller board
Very few modders in Australia can claim or have the skills to do this type of precise modding
At AusGameStore this is a regular daily task for An Extra $30 we can give a 12 Months Drive failure warranty
If your drive fails within 12 Months we replace it for Free all for $99.00 just keep your receipt

Michael said, Are you Sure AusGameStore can mod my 360 ??
A Modchip Shop in Melbourne said my NEW 360 Slim Cannot be Modded to Play My Backup Ripped Games

Currently All Xbox 360 Consoles can be Firmware Modded except for the Hitachi Slim and the new Liteon 16D5S Best to Check your console first here...... We Can Mod any Xbox 360 Model including the NEW Black Slim That use the Liteon 16D4S On some Xbox 360 Slim models notably the 0225 liteon drive iXtreme firmware mod requires the DVD drive controller board to be replaced we can do it for $69 Same day service

Once we replace the DVD drive controller board with a new unlocked modified board your Xbox slim will be iXtreme firmware modded just like the old xbox ready to play your copied backup originally owned game disc's
Our DVD unlocked drive boards have firmware call iXtreme LT plus
With this firmware Mod you can play legal backup discs you own
We have over 100 replacement unlocked DVD boards just arrived for any model xbox 360 slim console
We have been modding the Xbox 360 Slim since July 2011 and all mods have been working 100%
We are probably the only Modchip Engineers in Australia with the skills and technique to replace the Mediatek chip
without damaging your DVD drive there are not many modders that claim can do this

How Is this mod chipping done

The Xbox is dismantled the DVD drive controller board is removed and replaced with a replacement unlocked board
These unlocked boards are extremely rare and hard to find thats why many modders cannot offer this Service

How long will it take - Can this Firmware mod stuff up my NEW Xbox 360 Slim

It Usually takes around 30 Minutes to do and will not damage your Xbox360 thats why we offer a 12 Months Warranty on the DVD drive YES 12 Months thats 8,760 hours of game play if you play 24 hours a day for 1 year all for $99.00
This Mod will void the manufacturer warranty, however not a problem at AusGameStore Our repair service can always help you out for any future service or repair your 360 console may need

This Is so confusing, I don't understand what all this firmware iXtreme is all about

We have all that needs to get the Job Done Just give us a call, relax, get your console modded, then enjoy your gaming

Hey can I play Xbox Live also how safe is it to go online with a modded Console

This iXtreme firmware mod is Xbox Live safe only if your games have passed the ABGX360 stealth check

Best to run your game through ABGX360 or usually playing an original game online will be safe,
But remember your xbox 360 has an internal memory that will remember if you played a dodgy game that failed ABGX360 stealth check it will then tell xbox live and flag your console to be banned
However if you play Xbox Live best to always use original games There is never a 100% guarantee for safe online gaming with modded firmware There is always a risk and possible ban when going online

Why so cheap at $69

AusGameStore had a bulk purchase of 500 DVD drive unlocked boards They were purchased at a good price
Thats why we can offer a $69 mod service for the New Xbox 360 Slim console
They are going fast once sold out they may not be available again at this price

Why Replace The DVD controller board

The New Xbox 360 Slim Console has a DVD drive that has an SPI Flash Chip internal in the Drive Processor chip.
The SPI Flash stores the Firmware or Program that runs and manages the DVD ROM controller CPU chip.
This SPI Flash is actually inside the Controller CPU chip. The Internal SPI Flash is hard locked that means its almost impossible (unless you have specific manufacturer drive commands) to Erase then Re-write modified iXtreme firmware Reading of the your original firmware is not locked so we can read your existing un-modded firmware,
extract all data like DVD key etc.
We remove your board, read your original firmware, mod your original firmware to iXtreme then we write the Modded firmware to the new unlocked board.
Then Solder the new unlocked board into your drive
Your drive is now firmware iXtreme upgraded ready to play your backup game discs

drive SPI
The Mediatek chip semi de-capped exposing the SPI flash in the middle of the
DVD Drive Processor Chip done in our Lab

mediatek removed
The original Mediatek MT1335WE chip is Totally removed ready to be replaced
Extreme Skill is required to do this type of Mod

Mt1339E mod
Mediatek MT1339E chip is soldered with the un-locked external SPI flash (top left)
Done in Lab by AusGameStore in Melbourne

Precision Soldering Techniques By Expert Console Engineers in Melbourne

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