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The Process takes approx 2 Hours to do requiring fine detail and precision soldering techniques with controlled Soldering temperatures to avoid damage to the delicate surface mounted MT1339E DVD drive processor chip. Excessive heat will also damage and lift the fine printed circuit board tracks or even detach the surface mounted capacitors and resistors Excessive solder will short circuit the close pins of the processor chip and will render the control board useless. Careful examination of all the pin connections is done through a microscope to ensure reliability will be 100% and avoid any problems down the track.

We take pride in this process as only a few are capable of removing and soldering this chip without damaging the printed circuit board or components

The External SPI Memory chip can be programmed with iXtreme Firmware Locking the External SPI chip is not necessary but can be simply done via jungleflasher software

We offer this service with a lifetime warranty of the controller board. This warranty does not include any part of the DVD drive mechanism (spindle motor, optical laser assembly or sled motor) or does not include any Future ixtreme firmware upgrades



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Replacing MT1335WE in a Liteon 16D4S DVD Drive


Original MT1335WE that was Kamikaze hacked that went wrong and bricked the DVD drive

MT removal

The Epoxy Resin needs to be Removed from the MT1335WE chip exposing the pin connections


Inspection that most of the Epoxy glue is removed careful Attention not to damage the Board

mt replacement

The hot air de-soldering station Flange is precisely aligned over the Mediatek chip for removal


De soldering the Mt1335WE with a Hot air temperature controlled
De-soldering rework station

mt1335we removed

The old Mediatek Chip is now Completely removed from the DVD controller board


Excess solder is removed from the Printed circuit board Excess
Solder Flux is also removed

mt1339E replacement

MT1339E is aligned to the solder Pads then Reflowed using controlled Hot air re-work Soldering Station


The External SPI memory is Soldered to the controller board and wired to the MT1339E chip

spi flash

The external SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) chip ML2005 that stores the Firmware for the DVD drive

solder inspection

The MT1339E pins and solder Connections are examined Through A Hand held microscope

mt1335E connections

MT1339E Connections Inspected Any Short's could damage the chip or The DVD drive board



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