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Xbox 360 Open Tray Error Fix

NEW Replacement DVD Drive Liteon 74850C or Benq VAD6038

Xbox 360 Slim Model
Xbox 360 Slim Open Tray Disc Read Error here......

Game Disc Freezing
Xbox 360 Open Tray Error
Jammed Disc tray wont open
Xbox 360 disc error Message
DVD Drive scratching game discs

When open tray is displayed on the TV screen when a Xbox 360 game disc is inserted into the DVD drive its time for a disc drive replacement. the Xbox the DVD drive is serial key locked to the specific console, that means you just cannot plug another disc drive in and expect it to work. The process of replacing the DVD Drive is a little complicated involving programming the new drive with the old drives information including drive key, and other serial information.
If this is not done the console will start up with error massages and wont play game discs

Xbox 360 Open Tray error


Liteon Vs Samsung

Samsung MS25, MS28 DVD drives are now Five Years old the laser and drive motors need replacement
The Liteon 74850C runs super-quiet compared to the TS and HLG drives and even loading times are faster
Smoother operation and play all media 100% No Sweat

Liteon Xbox 360 DVD drive Facts
Liteon is based on Philips design (remember the Philips VAD6037 disc drive was already found before in some Xbox 360 dev kits (no AES key)
It was already announced for a while that Liteon is now new the official Xbox drive manufacturer
(these 3 companies merged their ODD business and produced the 74850C)
With the latest Xbox dashboard the replacement disc drive needs to match the original make also model
open tray error displayopen tray
Installed Liteon DG-16D2S ReplacementFor Open Tray error Fix inc 6 Months Warranty $110

Common Liteon DVD Problems displaying open tray error message

Liteon laser
Xbox 360 Spindle motor

liteon gears
Xbox Drive Eject Gear

liteon 74850C
DVD Tray wont open

Liteonon ixtreme LT
DVD Logic Control board

Liteon mechanism
Sled Motor Seizing

liteon dvd drive
There are many things that can go wrong inside a DVD resulting in open tray error
Call Ralph For a Quote on Replacement disc drive

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Xbox 360Slim Open Tray Error Message

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Xbox 360 Slim
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Jammed drive X360key Red dot Of Death freestyle dash
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Liteon Disc Drive

Faster Game Loading

Liteon DVD Firmware Mod
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360 Slim Model
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