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Xbox 360 Slim Console Red Dot Death Repair in Melbourne

red dot of deathFront panel removed showing the red dot of death light on the Front control of the xbox 360 slimConsoel. Our repair process is guaranteed for a period 6 Months

Previously known as the red ring of death Repair in the Phat first edition Xbox 360 console, the later slim model console hardware problems are now brought to your attention with a single red dot of light from the front silver power switch. This problem is now becoming quite common as the Slim model is now well over 12 months old with lead free solder connections fracturing on Ball grid array ball connections.This Console Repair is known as the Red Dot Of Death Fix

BGA Solder connection Ball showing the bottom connection to the Printed Circuit baord cracked

We have found that repairing the CPU/GPU BGA connections with a full re-flow re-applying arctic silver Thermal compound to the heat sink then re-attaching the X-clamp usually solves this Red dot fault. Our Slim Console repair service never removes the original X-Clamp

green line

External Power supply brick can sometimes Cause the Console not to start up, but usually this is visible by the power brick light displayed as red, A Green Light displayed indicates that the External power supply Brick is operating normally

Faulty External power supply brick from an Xbox 360 Slim console displaying a red light

power supply green Normal working Console power supply showing a green light


Slim LT Firmware

Jammed disc drive

USB Game Loader

Open Tray error

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Jammed drive X360key open tray error freestyle dash


Front power button Light Red of the Xbox 360 Slim console
indicating a major hardware failure
red dot of death

When the console is fully operational without any faults this front display light is Green. If a serious hardware fault occurs the front green Light will change to a constant glowing red, usually with the console having no display on the monitor screen.

green line

Xbox 360 Slim repair service located in Melbourne can usually do the red light fix same day for local Melbourne customers. for interstate people jobs are usually done in 2 to 3 days plus delivery time

our repair process is a 100 percent Guarantee fix we offer a full 6 months warranty on the entire repair Service
repair cost for the red light of death is $149.00

xbox 360 slim fan
Xbox 360 Slim Internal cooling fan sitting on top of the CPU GPU heat-sink

green line

xbox 360 reflow Reflow of the xbox 360 console done in melbourne
same day service for the red dot of death Repair

Written Warranty on all repairs on a tax invoice ensures you are getting service from an Australian owned and run company. Six Months warranty is something nobody else may offer. do consider this when looking for a xBOX repair
Our reflow repairs have proven to last Many years

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