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Xbox 360 Slim Model DG-16D4S 0225 DVD Drive firmware ixtreme

iXtreme LT firmware Modded Boards

Replacement DVD Disc drive for the 360 Slim console These drives come complete with the DVD controller board Fully UN-locked and ready to be programmed The Stock is limited Best to Call for availability they sell fast and come with a Three Months replacement warranty These need to be compatible with your console Check Your Xbox 360 Slim Model here

mt1339e mod Modded DG-16D4S Internal controller board

This is the DVD controller board inside the 0225 drive you can see the Mediatek chip replaced with a MT1339E and the blue wiring to the external SPI flash that stores the firmware is clearly visible
The complete drive including the MT1339E replacement Chip as is $110 Installed we have plenty in stock


Close up view of the replacement MT1339E drive controller chip inside the DG-16D4S disc drive. because the original Xbox drives use a MT1335WE controller chip that is hardware locked a replacement MT1339E chip can be installed together with a external SPI memory chip Once this mod is installed simple access to the firmware is possible the replacement can be software Locked within Jungleflasher software. Exclusively installed by AusGameStore in Melbourne The replacement Of this chip requires extreme microscopic soldering skills and is done at our Melbourne Service Office more here

liteon 0225 dvd drive

Liteon DG-16D4S DVD for the 360S Model Console The DVD controller board is fully modded with an external SPI Flash ready to program that can be software locked or unlocked from a PC via Jungleflasher software This Flash Memory chip (SPI) stores software (firmware) that controls the complete DVD drive operation Including security checking of any game discs that are played. Usually in a stock standard un-modded DVD drive the SPI chip is hardware locked



DG-16D4S Memory Flash Chip

spi flash

SPI Flash Memory chip that stores the Drive firmware Usually in a stock standard drive this chip is hard ware locked and embedded into the MT1339WE there are ways of un-locking by using a drilling process that intercepts tiny wires connecting the SPI flash to the VCC line inside the Mediatek chip, known as kamikaze unlocking. If this process goes wrong your DG-16D4S drive will be rendered useless the only option then is to replace the Mediatek chip more here

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