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Xbox Melbourne Australia Repair
to all Model 360 Game Consoles

Game Disc Scratching Fix

Game disc scratching drive replacement for all model consoles This problem of scratching game discs is usually a faulty DVD drive. A replace will solve this problem however a damaged game disc will not play even in a repaired console.

Xbox 360 scratched disc
Typical scratch on a Xbox 360 Game Disc
Hard drive replacements

Hard drive caddy for all Model 360 consoles including the new slim model. these caddy fit into the Xbox 360, increasing the memory capacity of the console different models for Phat or Slim the caddy is not interchangeable

Xbox 360 hard drive
Hard disk drive caddy for Slim or Phat model 360

DVD disc drive jammed wont close or wont open

Replacement Benq drives for jammed door, unable to open disc tray fix on the Phat console. Also replacement drives for the slim model console are always available for replacement

Xbox 360 jammed disc drive
Xbox 360 slim model jammed tray wont close
Power supplies for Fat or Slim 360

Power supply Modules are a common problem in the Xbox console. there are several different models the replacement needs to match the original

Red ring of death
3 red lights display phat model console
3 Red Lights & E74 Error Motherboard fix

New replacement main board repair fix for the red ring of death or E74 error code displayed

xbox power supply
Phat Model Power supply

Xbox 360 System Error Codes

System error codes are usually displayed due to a hardware error something has failed and the Xbox system doesn't like it. Disc drive, motherboard, hard drives can cause various problems even firmware mods. Its very difficult to diagnose and price a problem like this. Usually the console needs to be checked we can offer a quote on any Xbox console inspection.

E79 error
Various Error codes displayed

Game Disc Open Tray Error Repair Message

Game disc not Reading or open tray screen message Replacement disc drive fix for this type of problem. All model drives are in stock for fast same day service for our Melbourne customers

green line

open tray error
Xbox 360 open tray disc drive error

Liteon drive Firmware upgrade Ixtreme LT

Firmware upgrade to Ixtreme LT 30 for all Xbox 360 Slim or Phat disc Drives

firmware mod
Xbox Slim Ixtreme Firmware Mod


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Open Tray Error

Xbox System Update Problems

Error Codes

Red Ring Of Death

Jammed disc drive Repair Service

Open Tray Error Update Error Error Codes Red Ring Of Death Jammed drive


















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Reset Glitch Jtag Mods


matrix trident mod
Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


X3key External Loader


Xbox360 Matrix Reset
Freestyle Dash
$139 inc Install Service


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Xbox 360 RROD


Liteon Disc Drive

Faster Game Loading

Liteon DVD Firmware Mod
liteon modding


360 Slim Model
Hard Drive CaddyXbox 360 Slim Hard drive


Xbox 360 500Gig hard drive Upgrade $199

500gig hard drive

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