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Melbourne Xbox 360 Repair Replacement DVD Drive

NEW Ultra Smooth Liteon 74850C


Open Tray Error  -  Disc tray wont open  
Disc Read Error - DVD Tray Jammed

Liteon DVD drive model 74850C are the Ultimate Replacement for the Xbox 360 Game console
Currenty all Xbox 360 Phat Models repaired are fitted The Liteon DVD drives are Repair replacements for the very old Samsung MS25, MS28 & Hitachi drives 47,78 and the 79FK models
Liteon 74850C are NEW fast Ultra Quiet . The Liteon are the latest & the best at the moment
Don't fooled by competitors selling the old Samsung or Hitachi for the same price of a Lite-on

Why Buy A Old Secondhand Used Inferior Product For the Same Price

Samsung MS25 & MS28 DVD drives are now over Five Years old (check the manufacturing date stamped on the drive) & are no longer in production so why settle for an old second hand product when you can get a New Replacement 360 drive for the same Repair price Yes the same price
Xbox 360 Liteon 74850C runs super-quiet compared to the TS & HLG drives l Game Disc loading times are faster

Xbox 360 Smoother operation faster disc loading times playing all Game disc media 100% No Sweat

The new Xbox Disc drive is based on Philips design (remember the Philips VAD6037 drive was already found before in some Xbox 360 Dev kits (no AES key the DVD drive was not keyed to the Xbox CPU) never in retail Xbox 360
It was already announced for a while that Liteon is now the official Microsoft Xbox drive supplier manufacturer these 3 companies merged their ODD Optical disc drive business and produced the 74850C


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Inserted Game disc will not spin Xbox 360 will think there is no game disc inserted displaying the OPEN TRAY Message

Disc drive tray jammed half way open is the tray loading gears sheared or possibly the plastic tray itself damaged

Tray will simply refuse to eject mechanical failure of the drive eject mechanism usually if there is a game disc inside the disc drive usually it will read the disc and play the game

This will Result in no eject the drive is simply dead and non responsive system updates can also fail or get stuck in an endless update loop

game disc can be inserted and ejected but will not play OPEN TRAY error message will be displayed in Xbox menu

Discs getting scratched caused by optical laser focal coils being driven hard laser lens hitting the disc

Liteon laser
Spindle motor Failure

liteon gears
Tray Jammed half way

liteon 74850C
Game Disc wont Eject

Liteonon ixtreme LT
Controller board Fault

Liteon mechanism
Open Tray Error

Scratched disc
Game Disc Scratched

Lite-on Disc Drive
New Xbox 360 Liteon Disc drives boxed ready for a Xbox 360 repair

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