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Xbox 360 Slim Game Console Service Parts Repairs Modchips

Popular Slim Repair Services

Xbox 360 slim board

Same Day common repair fix for Melbourne gamers

Red Dot Of Death Xbox 360 Slim Fix

red dot of death

Console not Starting up with the front Power light Red Repair Same Day

Replacement Liteon Disc Drive

liteon DVD 0225

Liteon 0225 these drives come Completely modded with a MT1339E

Game Disc Reading Error

360 Slim DVD drive

Game Disc Freezing Jamming Errors
Fix Repair Service For All Slim Models

X360key External USB Game Loader


No more scratched or missing discs Store then play Game's from USB drive

iXtreme LT Firmware Mod


iXtreme LT Plus 3.0 firmware Mod for Liteon disc drive

Slim Open Tray Error

slim DVD drive

Unable to Read Disc Open Tray Error
Console Repair Service

iXtreme Mod Firmware Re-Flash

slim unlock mod

Existing iXtreme Firmware Upgrade to LT Plus Version 3.0

Xbox 360 Slim Mods

reset Glitch hack

Run Homebrew Freestyle Dash with Reset Glitch Hack

Slim Hard drive Upgrade

Slim hard drive

250G Hard disk drive Caddy $25 upgrade a 4 gig console to 250gig
HDD is not included

Error Codes List

e74 error

Find Problems with Your console
Check the Error Fault List Codes For fault diagnosis

Xecuter Nand X


Jtag Programmer NAND dumping Tools
All you need hardware for a do it yourself This is not a iXtreme firmware mod

360 Reset Glitch Mod

Matrix Reset Modchip

Matrix Reset Glitch Mod Service for Homebrew Apps or custom dashboard needs to be compatible check here

Matrix Trident NAND Mod

iXtreme firmware mod

Triple Nand Solution to Boot Different Dashboard Versions only works with Reset Glitched Consoles

Xbox Repair Help

360 Help

Console Problems Free Help Line A simple Call can sometimes solve common faults check the Codes first


Xbox 360 Slim Game Console Service Parts Repairs Modchips

Disc Drive Firmware iXtreme LT Plus upgrade is Now available for Most Xbox 360 Slim Models Check here
Depending on the disc drive type you have will depend on the cost of the Firmware upgrade
The 0225 firmware in the Liteon drive requires a replacement DVD drive logic controller board that have the SPI EEPROM write unlocked to allow custom iXtreme firmware to be Written
Unlock kit consists of the DVD drive controller board with the MT 1335WE DVD controller chip write enabled allowing for iXtreme firmware upgrading.
Installing the modded unlock board is simple straight forward usually done in 30 Minutes contact us for more info

Living Interstate just Send the console for an overnight 24 Hour turnaround make sure your console is compatible for firmware first before sending the unit click here

Ixtreme mod is only for the DVD drive to play original back game discs you legally own and possess More Info about firmware and iXtreme can be found here

Firmware mod

Drive modding

linePopular Xbox 360 Slim Products and Services

Slim LT Ixtreme Upgrades Firmware

Jammed disc drive Repair Service

USB Game Loader No More Discs

DG-16D4S Firmware

Xbox 360 Mods Jtag Reset Glitch

lizard xbox firmware extract Jammed drive X360key MT removal freestyle dash


Hot selling products picture

X3K3Y USB Game Loader
No More Discs


Matrix Trident
Triple NAND boot.. more


Reset Glitch Hack
Xbox 360 Matrix
Reset Glitch HERE
Freestyle Dash
Install Service

line Xbox Repair Service Melbourne

Xbox 360 RROD

Open Tray Disc Error
Liteon Disc Drive

Faster Game Loading

IN STOCK From $69


Liteon DVD iXtreme
LT Firmware Mods

liteon modding


Xbox 360 Slim
Hard Drive CaddyXbox 360 Slim Hard drive


Xbox 360 500Gig
Hard Drive Upgrade $199

500gig hard drive


Red Dot Of Death Repair

Red Dot Of Death


Game Disc Scratch Fix

Disc Scratch

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