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Xbox iXtreme LT Firmware Flash For DVD drive

Liteon drive Firmware upgrade ixtreme LT

This Mod is for the Xbox 360 DVD it allows playback of backup discs of original games you own. The Console needs to be opened the disc drive dismantled then the firmware of the drive flashed to iXtreme LT Plus The latest ixtreme allows playing of new format games known as XDG3. this new format needs special burning techniques. Once burnt, Discs need to be checked for stealth with ABGX 360. this app runs on a PC, checks either your burnt disc or the ISO image for any errors. All errors are displayed ABGX 360 checks the format including stealth, layer breaks, also the complete Structure of the disc it cannot repair a burnt disc for obvious reasons but an ISO image can quite often be fixed, so its always wise to run ABGX360 on the ISO before burning. Verbatim discs are a must for XDG3 Format. ABGX 360 is a free program that can be downloaded from the INTERNET just Google.

iXtreme LT Plus 3.0 Firmware Upgrade for Xbox 360

iXtreme Firmware Explained...

Xbox 360 Slim iXtreme LT 3.0 Firmware Upgrade.... here

Slim unlock
Xbox 360 Slim DVD drive controller board hardware modded to allow flashing of iXtreme LT firmware

iXtreme firmware
Liteon DG16D2S drive from a Phat white Xbox 360 ready for firmware upgrade of iXtreme


Once the Xbox 360 disc drive is connected the serial adapter the drive processor can be put into a mode as to dump the drive key. Once the drive key is obtained it can be injected into ixtreme firmware thats then flashed to the drive. If all is correct the Xbox 360 can communicate with the drive to check if it has the correct key that matches the encrypted Keyvault information stored in the NAND on the Xbox 360 motherboard. The only way the keyvault information can be decrypted is with the CPU key. Thats why in the Later model Slim consoles they need to be Rest Glitched to obtain the CPU key to decrypt the Key vault to get the DVD drive key


Jungleflasher Reading DVD drive information




ABGX360 Game disc or File ISO checker this program runs on a PC reporting any errors on screen has the ability to correct errors like Topology data or Security sectors that may me missing or not correct for the particular game disc.


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