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iXtreme LT 30 Simple Questions Answered
About Firmware Modding Your Disc Drive



What is iXtreme LT 30 firmware Upgrade

iXtreme LT 30 is a Firmware Mod Done to your Xbox 360 Game console disc drive Once modded it will
Allow you the play Backed up discs you originally own and have in your possession
check here to see if your drive can be done

Will it work On my Xbox 360 Console

It works on All Xbox 360 White Phat Models and The Black Phat Model,
Also the New Black 360 Slim using a 9504 or the 0225 DVD drive model 16D4S and now also the New Hitachi and DG-16D5S drive commonly found in the new Xbox 360 Slim Model console (reset Glitch required for the key extraction)
Some Phat White Xbox 360 are having Issues with the Microsoft Update. these consoles may have had a Liteon originally but have been repaired or replaced with a Samsung Drive. commonly called spoofing the drive.
The solution is to replace the drive with the correct original model drive that the Xbox came with.

What is Spoofing the drive

Spoofing is when your Xbox 360 has been repaired or modded and your original drive, say Benq, is replaced with a Samsung. The Samsung drive is spoofed to tell the console it is Benq .
With the latest system updates MS can detect a spoofed drive and give you system errors and system update problems Solution is a replacement Disc Drive

Why Update to LT 30 Firmware

New Games on The latest system update 14719 + use new Anti Piracy Version 2.5 (AP25) checks known as XDG3 format. new XDG3 AP25 format backups Need LT 30 firmware for Liteon, or Benq drives, its also important once you have LT30 firmware to run your backup disc or Image through ABGX360 to check the disc or image is patched also detect any problems with a burn of the image.

Not All my AP25 Games work Why

The new XDG3 Format needs to be burned correctly with iXtreme burner Most of The disc space is used. its important to use the best media to burn. Verbatim DL discs seem to be the most reliable.

How can I be sure my burnt disc is OK

Run the disc through ABGX360 this will check the burnt ISO image and report any problems it may have

I get a Black Screen When I play the disc

Your Game disc is not patched or burnt correctly run it through ABGX360, note the errors

The disc stops or the Game Freezes

This is not a firmware Issue, usually a disc burning problem, sometimes it can be the optical laser in the DVD drive weak. First try better quality discs like verbatim, also burn at a slower speed 2.4x using iXtreme Burner Max firmware.


More about LT firmware modding ... here


modding a xbox driveXbox drive ready for iXtreme firmware modding


Xbox-360-DG16D4S-moddingXbox Slim drive DG-16D4S ready For iXtreme firmware LT30


xbox drivesdifferent Xbox 360 drives years ago were randomly used as repair replacements, the latter Microsoft updates detected this and caused system update looping problems


abgx dataABGX360 checking XDG3 data Online to see if it matches the disc or image data


abgx360 screenABGX360 is used on a PC to check the disc or image for any errors and full stealth check more about ABGX360


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