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Xbox 360 Error Code List

Most popular Xbox fault code listing
We are getting E66 or E64 Screen display Error code with some latest game System updates
See More Numbered codes Listed below

These Xbox 360 Fault codes will have the Bottom Right hand Red light flashing with the Error Number displayed on the TV screen The Xbox will not start DVD tray will open Dashboard will not start

E01 - Usually power supply problem Check the green light on the power supply brick

E02 - Possible fault Network Interface Hardware Board Problem

E03 - Power problem PSU could be the GPU/CPU By-pass capacitors or Lose of regulation from the power brick

E04 - Xbox Fault code points to possible Southbridge Chip BGA connections try reflow to SB chip

E05 - Code displayed is CPU Processor getting hot Check internal fans also heat-sink connections

E06 - Error Code is GPU getting hot over heating check x-clamps Thermal paste or Fans

E07 - RAM chips over heating Very unusual error code check or add thermal pads to underside RAM chips

E08 - Possible Fault General I/O Error Check A/V port, USB, Hard drive, DVD drive

E09 - Possible Fault DVD Drive Time out bad firmware flash. SATA related to Southbridge

E10 - Possible Fault Code CPU or TSOP NAND Flash

E11 - Xbox Code Number is not known and extremely rare

E12 - Possibly a problem with feedback temperature control circuit or BGA connections to CPU or GPU

E13 - Xbox 360 Error Code Number is not known extremely rare

E14 - This is not known extremely rare Xbox 360 condition

E15 - Same As Code Number E14 is not known extremely rare

E16 - This Code is not Known extremely rare sometimes reflow can sometimes fix problem

E17 - This Error is not known extremely rare

E18 - Usually caused by BGA connections to CPU GPU and motherboard

E19 - This Error is not Known and extremely rare Reflow may remove shorted BGA connections

E20 - The Xbox Ram error BGA connections to main board

E32 - This Error is not known and extremely rare

E33 - Same As E32 is not known and extremely rare

E34 - Unknown code number is not known extremely rare

E35 - Over heating GPU check thermal compound or Cooling fans

E45 - Unknown Xbox 360 Error Code

E52 - This Error is not known extremely rare

E64 - DVD Drive Error - firmware bad after system update with new kernel 13599 or DVD drive failure

E65 - Drive related firmware like E64 or DVD drive faulty drive firmware corrupt

E66 - DVD Drive Error drive may be wrong or has been spoofed with iXtreme firmware or even faulty DVD drive

E67 - Xbox 360 Hard Drive Failure

E68 - Hard Drive Error remove all USB devices and hard drive then re-boot console

E69 - Hard Drive Error remove hard drive and re-boot

E70 - Hard Drive Problem Remove Xbox 360 hard drive and re-boot

E71 - Dashboard NAND corrupt

E72 - Same as E71

E73 - Network port problems

E74 - Usually a scaler chip problem HANA or ANA chip GPU Reflow may temporarily fix the problem

E75 - Xbox Hardware Ethernet Error Code

E76 - Same as E75 Network Related

E77 - Ethernet or RAM even try a different power supply brick

E78 - This Xbox code relates to Dashboard Corrupt NAND Bad possible Keyvault

E79 - May be a hard drive related problem

E80 - Dashboard Error code usually a bad Jtag NAND flash or E-fuses

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