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Xbox 360 JTag Mods and RGH installs


Xbox 360 Matrix Glitch Chip Running Linux Emulators Homebrew
with a 800 gig hard drive Installed

matrix glitcher
Matrix Glitch Mod chip
For Online gaming a Matrix Trident is required for multi boot options start the console stock standard for Xbox live or switch the trident option restart with reset glitch modded console
freestyle dashboard

Matrix Glitch Chip Installed in a 360 Console running custom Xell

The Matrix Glitcher features a programmed xilinx cpld with on board voltage switch for slim/Phat consoles a built-in Jtag port Ensures current or future compatibility "GliGLi hack" updates implementation. The Kernel Version needs to be Compatible check it here..... Also Your Console Needs to Be Compatible here.....


Based on the GliGli Hack (Reset type Glitch Hack fooling the system into booting custom Linux code)

This Modchip works by sending precisely timed pulses to the CPU until the booting of custom Xell code is successful to obtain the unique console specific CPU key from the fuse list.
Once this has been achieved custom Linux code can run a Freestyle dash with Unlimited possibilities.

Works with most Xbox 360 Phat Consoles (Check your Phat here) and also
Xbox 360 Slim (Check your Slim Model here) most Kernel versions to 14719

Budget Priced around $139 Installed compare it to XK3y with screen, hard drive, and gecko cost is over $300 Installed
Custom Dashboards MAME Arcade Games Homebrew Software Emulators can easy be Installed
All USB hard drives simply plug in the front of the Xbox 360.
Just like the old Original Xbox Console, Custom media Centre, Dashboards, Apps can be Installed
Simple to update with 100's of free Linux Apps to install
Cheap Hardware Glitch chip - Can be installed for $139 compared to XK3y over $200
Use Existing Xbox hard drive for Game back-up
Not affected by Regular Xbox 360 System Updates
Will support dual booting system (normal Xbox360 or Custom glitch boot)
Backup games, XBLA, DLC to your Computer via FTP access Xbox 360 hard drive or Memory Card Data
Play Original Xbox Classic Games from Hard Drive
Plug any External USB drive directly into the console USB port for fast game back-up

Disadvantages of the Matrix Glitch Chip

Console needs to be opened and Will void Manufacturer warranty
Not Xbox Live Safe, however what is 100% Xbox live safe, will support dual boot BIOS Like Matrix Trident (extra cost)
That means with extra hardware installed (DUAL NAND) you can start your xbox360 normal for Online gaming or start-up with the Glitcher chip enabled to run custom dashboards, Emulators, Xbox 1 Games or External USB hard drives (Dual NAND boot BIOS can cost over $100 extra, cheaper to buy a second console just for your Online gaming needs)
Every Xbox 360 glitches differently some glitch instantly other may take up to 2 minutes to glitch (boot to the dashboard)

More on the Matrix Glitch chip

Booting of unsigned code (custom dashboards) on Xbox 360 and XBOX360 slim just like the old Xbox One console
Compatible with most Xbox 360 Phat consoles New Xbox 360 Slim Black model check here........
Works with all Xbox NAND programmers no need to worry we do the programming for you
Compatible with all 360 kernel versions no Jtag limitations
Quick installation same day service (7 Wires on Slim or 6 Wires on Phat)
Compact PCB size with easy to solder pads

Booting of Xbox unsigned code within Max of 2 minutes our video shows boot up in seconds
Matrix Infinity Proven Modchip Design Quality
Budget pricing 1/2 the price of the X360key (Installation extra)

Work on the Xenon has been completed and currently can be Glitched
More About The Reset Glitch Mod here
Jtag Xbox 360 Information here

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